Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo

Argg…this is what I feared. Promised wife no wine this week. Sigh. WIll have to just explain to her in AM how this isn’t just wine…it’s Wellington Wine :wink:

Still, will hold off till AM. All you greedy ****** better stop ordering 3! :wink:

The 2004 vintage has Cab sauv, Cab Franc and Merlot

Link to the 2004 Victory description

How bout an early LabROUS writeup? :slight_smile:

Thanks for jumping in again

I think some party hats are in order to celebrate Wellington wine on woot again! Thanks Peter.




Fastest vineyard participation ever?

The Syrah I see on the webpage is the “Estate” Syrah, not the “Reserve.” Peter will have to chime in to detail the differences. CellarTracker is no help.

The Reserve Syrah and other “library wines” are not listed on the web site.

nm, i found it on the SF chronicle

2002 Wellington Vineyards Reserve Sonoma County Syrah ($28) This wine is big and fairly intense, with berry, toast and spice in the nose, which continue to the palate along with tart black plum, coffee and firm but well-behaved tannins. A touch of Cabernet Sauvignon – 2 percent – adds structure. Enjoy it with a mild sausage and cheese pizza.

Thanks for the speedy reply! I wouldn’t have been up on it if I hadn’t read your post earlier today.

Perhaps, but who’d be able to tell considering it’s 20 minutes and we’re well into the second page!

LabROUS tasting notes to come tomorrow. Both wines are eminently drinkable but will age (that combination is but one of our criteria for Reserve designation). The Victory should last another 10 years + if you’re that patient; the Syrah at least another 3-5 years.

So what are we gonna do after it sells out ummmm later today

Wow… should I jump on this now or wait until I visit Wellington in April on my honeymoon to pick some up in person?


Tomorrow morning. labROUS tasted them both last week, but the notes are over at his place:)

10 years huh? I was saving the '95 Veuve Cliquot I got from college graduation for my graduation from the glories of MD/PhD program… but somehow opening and shouting VICTORY!!! (perhaps with a viking helmet?) seems so much more appropriate…

I am terribly torn…everyone seems to excited but syrahs are not my absolute fave, can’t see breakdown of the victory blend, and the price is high - and doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal ($28 for syrah, $40 for victory on other sites)…arghhhhhh

Can people tell me what was so awesome about previous Wellington offers?

Quick check of the bank account shows that the Federal & State refunds have landed, so…

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…first time “in” early enough to qualify for LR in quite some time!

  1. Other than @ the winery via their wine club (guessing), this may be the only place to get the Reserve Syrah.
  2. The Wellingtons I’ve had so far have been very well made, well balanced wines that are priced very reasonably.
  3. Peter (AKA LabROUS, AKA SonomaBouliste).