Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo

ahh…what the heck.
don’t know much about these particular wines.
but, i figure…what the heck.
w/ luck…maybe i’ll get the chance to follow the maze to its cheesy center!
either way…i figure i’m in for one.

thanks, wine.woot!

Since uh, labrous isn’t giving a tasting note, I will give what i can remember.

Peter was gracious enough to send me a bottle of the Victory about 4-5 months ago. Me, Java Drinker, and TimB sat around Tim’s kitchen and gave it a shot.

Out of the 7-9 wines we drank that night (we keep it real) it was one of my top 3. Of course… it was the only one that “costs” $40 heh. I decanted the wine for about a hour before bringing it over and we let it sit in the glass for about 45 minutes before drinking it.

Plenty of Tannins in this wine even after a long decant, I figure there are quite a few years ahead of it before it gets to its peak but its drinkable at this very moment.

I love bordeaux blends so I was a big fan of the style of wine. It definitely held to the style of a smooth bordeaux. At the time that i drank it i felt it could use more fruit/“substance” but I think its still developing within the bottle and I’m hoping it’ll come through.
The tannins blow off after a long decant, the wine gets to be a smooth velvety treat. I have zero problems with the body of the wine, I very much enjoyed drinking it and I think it’d pair great with a steak. But as some people know I rarely drink my wine with food, and sometimes I like my wines with a bit more umphy fruitness to it but like I said previously I believe its still developing. I think in at least… 3-4 years? it’ll develop into something really nice. I’m sure it’ll last at least 6-10 years as Peter said, but I’m not sure if it’ll get exponentially better after 3-4 years. (Maybe it will, Peter knows his own wine much better than I do =) ).

Even though all in all I did enjoy the wine, I’m still a bit on the fence with its $40 price tag, but I’ve definitely had wines not as good as the Victory for over $40, but I’ve had some other great wines in the $40 price range that I like a bit better. (this isn’t the cheapy in me talking, I have no qualms with buying $40 wines - who knows how much i’ve spent this month, but I just have a constant QPR running through my head when i walk through a wine store). Like I told Java and Tim, if this wine was $30 a bottle I’d have a case of it sitting in my storage waiting to develop over time.

I wish I had another bottle to give it a more accurate/present read so sorry if you feel its lacking anything, if i’m omitting something obvious that just means I don’t remember and I don’t want to assume anything. If you have a question please ask.

I think i’ll probably grab 2 orders of this, I’m very intrigued on how the Victory is going to develop. Its got to be the only age worthy wine from wine.woot (other than the Saxon Syrah a few months back) that i think actually will get better with age.

btw Peter, have you ever considered using Golden State Overnight for your California Customers? I personally don’t want any Syrah but the tax and shipping from your website for two Victory’s is only $20 more than buying two of these =p I can always gift the syrah’s to people.

Peter is the winemaker I take it? Thanks for the response! I don’t really care about rarity, unless it’s like OMG SO GOOD. What other wines have you really liked? So far the Poizin and the Nocetos have really impressed me. It’s hard because I know very little about wine, and so I go sort of by instinct more than any real skill.

Also, I LOVE the quotes in your sig although the second one doesn’t really make sense, but is hilariously random!

If you can find anyone who still has the Syrah for $28, snap it up. The price at the winery has been $50 for some time now.

I don’t think the labrat cycle has come back around yet. I was a labrat the first week the program was offered and I have not been selected a 2nd time yet. There are lots of people wanting their first chance, I am sure!

I’m going to be in for one this week. I love age-worthy wine and I buy a lot of it in WA state. But I will look forward to trying these in a few years.

Ahh, good to know. Since aging it has increased in value, of course. Thanks for the heads up!

in for two. Labrat me the Syrah or the Victory, whatevers doesn’t matter.

Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo
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I know it says cannot receive wine when you are intoxicated, but does W.W allow one to purchase when intoxicated? :slight_smile:

You are thinking clearly, just too hard. For a certain percentage of the population, one of these tasks is not fun and sounds difficult (backing a cow up a back staircase) one is fun and sounds easy (smearing honey onto a hot actress). I think it is a lovely metaphor.
Thanks for the great offering, Peter. You know how I feel about your syrahs; I am equally delighted to have a chance to try the Victory.
Hey, C. Lay (let me know if you want me to stop calling you that, btw), good to see you are in. I know your taste buds are very highly cultivated and your expectations are high. When you are willing to buy, that’s the Good Housekeeping seal of approval right there!

The heat makes sense, you are right! It is a lovely analogy (anything with KK is lovely).

Ha! I wish. I only drink every other night, alas, and that does not include tonight.

Dang. You’re right - analogy not metaphor because of the ‘like’. I use to know stuff like that!

I just think too literally sometimes (thus my failing to grasp Keira’s ‘heat’). Being detailed-oriented is useful for some things, but not so much for jokes.

I am so going to check more of these out.

I’m back and I’m in! Only in for one though … DH is watching.

Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo
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Okay, I’m terrible at the game on juvie.woot. web woundup…but it was fun! I finally got up to 50% on prioritizing…g’night and enjoy your Wellington!

Actually, quite the opposite. The car simply couldn’t be upset by anything Richard tried to do with it.

The original comparison was between normal sports cars that are a b*tch to handle, while this one was like it wasn’t a sports car at all.

The quote wasn’t “onto”, it was “into”.

anyone else going for the side deal? Not getting the wine this time but could not resist the toffee.

They didn’t manage to stop me! :slight_smile:

Last wooter to woot: allgeek

In for two … really looking forward to my first sampling of Wellington, after lurking here and reading Peter’s great posts and ramblings!

I’d love to LabRat with either of course, but think I’d prefer the Victory - I don’t feel I’ve got much experience with Syrahs yet (all the more reason to purchase, right!?). I’m definitely a CS/Meritage kind of guy… tonight’s dinner came with the lovely harmonies and counterpoint of a 2003 Cain Concept.