Wellington Vineyards Rhone Review Quartet




Wellington Vineyards “Rhône Review” Quartet
$56.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Rhônerrific
1 Wellington Vineyards 2004 Grenache
1 Wellington Vineyards 2005 Marsanne
1 Wellington Vineyards 2005 Roussanne
1 Wellington Vineyards 2003 Syrah, Cuvee R


i was close…my guess was 50% right


ojglove - you beat me, but not by much!


Yeah, right! OK, the betting window is open. 17:1 odds on Corrado buying this w00t. :slight_smile:


I think I may finally skip a week. No white wine here.


Anyone know anything about Wellington vineyards and their wines?


From their website http://www.wellingtonvineyards.com/

2003 Syrah, Cuvee “R” $25.00
2005 Marsanne, Sonoma Valley Estate $18.00
2005 Roussanne, Russian River $18.00
2004 Grenache Sonoma Valley Estate $24.00

= $85.00!!! not including shipping

good deal


He’d need to go for 2 - but I’ll still take those odds due to the limited supply!!!
BTW, in for 2. Waited too long last week. Not doing it again.


It was fun just buying the wine.woot sight unseen ( thank god it wasn’t anything from Fess Parker). If the tax refund comes in this week, I’ll try to go back-to-back first sucker!


Nope, not this week. Did my taxes today and I’m getting about 1/10 back what I expected. I’m only moderately interested in this anyway.

…although, if I take those odds, I’ll be right around where I THOUGHT I’d be at the end of the week. :slight_smile:

With the VERY limited production this week and relative economy, this should be a mid-week sellout – nice sounding wines, folks buying multiples to have dupes, pretty decent ship-to list, and TAX RETURN TIME!


I recall drinking some of the Wellington wines at the 2006 Sonoma Count Harvest Fair in October and thought they were pretty good wines. They got 8 awards including bronze medals for the 2003 Syrah Cuvee R and the 2004 Marsanne (the woot wine is a 2005). Their reserve Syrah got a Gold as well. I may have to get a couple of these although I’m not too excited about the whites. If you like the whites this is probably a pretty good deal.



I believe there are 2 reds & 2 whites here. The Marsanne & Roussanee are both whites.


Hey all, veteran of Woot but new to Wine Woot. Admittedly, I don’t know much about wine and have never heard of these types of wine. I’d like to learn a bit more though, anyone know of any good websites that might give some nice basic info and the differences between all the types of wine?

Also, how is the wine that Wine Woot sells? Is it generally really good stuff? The wines I see seem to garner a lot of awards, but I wanted some of your opinions.



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Here’s raising a glass to you!


I’ve had all 4 of these, they were pretty darn good. This may end up being my first wine woot.


That is correct, It is just that My wife and I do not drink white wine. We actually have to much of it and need to give it away or something. We usually have some on hand for get togethers but I do not need any more.

If it was just red varieties, I would be in for at least one. I am a little disappointed that I will most likely be breaking my streak of 5 in a row since I found this site.


It’s on now. Bring it.


Same here. No whites. Passed last week as well because I don’t care for merlot and need to get rid of what I have, not add more. That really is my only beef with wine woot - the packaging of the “good” with what I don’t want or need.


Gloom. . .sadness. . .despair. Woot has once again picked a great offering that cannot be shipped to my state. Dont fence-sit this one: its a great range of choices and the productions were limited, so I’m predicting an early sell-out. I’ll sit back and vicariously enjoy the thrill experienced by those lucky enough to live in a state that does not block the commerce of small agribusiness.