Wellington Vineyards Victory and Revelry (2)

Typical woot pricing on these is $37.50/bottle for Victory and the last offer of Revelry was $20/bottle. Both of these are great wines which would do well being forgotten about in the back of your cellar for 5+ years.

For record keeping:

Wellington Vineyards Victory and Revelry 2-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$140.00 List Price (64% off)
1 - 2013 Wellington Victory Reserve, 750ml
1 - 2013 Woot Cellars Revelry, Sonoma County Red Wine, 750ml

Perhaps 5 for the Reverly, it was a blended a bit more of a drink sooner. Likely closer to 10 for the Victory.

Pretty much like getting the Revelry for $10, and it too is a BdX blend, as is the Victory.

In for yet another three.
Just impossible to have too much of this for the coming years.

Yea, very sad to see Wellington go so stock up while we can!