Wellington Vineyards Victory and Revelry (2)

Wellington explosion today, eh?

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I didn’t think we’d see any more Victory 'round these parts.

Needless to say…


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I’m in on that. All the Victory!

I’ve never had the Revely, but I assume it too is good stuff.

Nor have I.

Good discussion from last time here:


The Revelry is quite nice- we picked up this combo earlier this year. You know the Victory is outstanding, and the Revelry is an added woot-based bonus.

Is this the final vintage of victory?


I have to say the love of Wellington here is compelling and why I have bought 24 bottles in the last month.

I have not tried the 2001 Victory bottles I was sent in the mystery pack a few weeks ago. I take it this is the flagship that makes everyone happiest?

That would be a definite yes.

The Revelry is a result of the 2014 rpm woot tour, where various blends were created by wooters and this final blend was voted the winner by those same wooters.


I tried, but I couldn’t resist.

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Yes, but as with the majority of Woot Cellar red wines, vastly improves after a year from the first sale.

From the main page:

Such a great write up!

Not library victory but still in for 3! We haven’t opened a 2013 Victory yet, but did pop a Revelry a few months ago. It was very good but still a baby. These 6 bottles are going in off site storage for a few years. Thanks Peter!!

First time Revelry up: Oct. 27, 2015 (discussion thread)

So they should be drinking nicely!

Edit: Or in 6 more months! (See knlprez’s post just above) :wink:

RPM is in da house!

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I’m sad I missed the large bottles! :wah:

Rats and double rats. Got my order in, but it was declined. So I ordered again and it went through. And I got confirmation that the first order went through, too. So I now have two orders coming. Yay!!

Unfortunately, I no longer live at the address on record, so wine is going to the wrong place. I need to either get wine rerouted (preferred) or cancelled (unfortunate). I have sent email to support with a new address, but…

Try changing it on Amazon now. Maybe when it ships, it will pick up the new, correct address.

Although, IIRC, you need to order something for the new address to be seen here.

Might be able to reroute with FedEx as well.