Wellington Vineyards Victory and Revelry (2)

Wellington Vineyards Victory and Revelry 2-Pack
$49.99 $140.00 64% off List Price
2013 Wellington Victory Reserve
2013 Woot Cellars Revelry, Sonoma County Red Wine

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Wellington is a no brainer. So much so, I bought it before posting my question. My question is about Revelry. How long can I leave that bottle on my rack? Thanks!

Lets get some magnums up in here.

Have we seen the 2013 victory before?

From the description, written in Nov 2016 I think: “Please be aware that both of these wines are relative infants and should continue to develop for several more years.”

Only with Revelry.

Yes, I believe it was in the same format - Revelry and Victory 2013. Anything that Peter is involved in is great! If I didn’t have a case of Revelry already, I’d be all over this offer like I would be for a straight Victory 2013 because there isn’t anymore after year 2013. I got into a 2006 Wellington Estate Zin last night with some smoked ribs and it’s still doing well.