Wellington Vineyards Victory Reserve (2)

First sucker on a Wellington offer? That’s a first. Love me some Victory…

We don’t have a proper cellar (or basement) and already have 8 of this vintage, thus I actually have to pass.

Nonetheless, once again, requisite…


Awesome price on a great wine.

Wellington Vineyards 2009 Victory Reserve 2-Pack
$64.99 $135.00 52% off List Price
2009 Wellington Vineyards Victory Reserve


Why? Just drink a couple of bottles to make room!

Duh! :wink:

Victory is mine!

With 10 regular size bottles and 1 mag of this I have to save the money for next time.

aargh… no room, no money

But, it’s Wellington Victory, so I’m in.


No, no, no. That’s not how one responds!

Only 10 regular and 1 mag? Pfffft! :tongue:

Yeah, what Sparky said

Cracked one of these guys last night since now I have 6 more coming. Decanted about 45 minutes. Served with Ribeye, Baked Potato and Asparagus. Heaven. Absolute heaven.

So sad I missed this one. I have 5 cases of Wellington but not any Victory. :sob:

Delivery delayed. I assume because of the fires. Wellington Vineyards survived so far, but is closed because of fires. I know it was sold so I don’t know where this batch of wines are stored, but I assume Peter is swamped because of fire issues in the area. I sure hope he and family/friends are OK.

Hey all, we have received word now that the fires are affecting shipments of wine.woot orders. There are numerous evacuations still happening and many people need to be with their families and businesses

We ask for your patience as they work through this.

Thanks for letting us know - I assumed problems due to the fires, but was just curious if the product was still in existence.

Seems like better news this morning - at least from what we are hearing. Our hearts are with all of you on the front lines!