Wellington Vineyards Victory, Reserve Two - Pack


Whoa…a detour…

Sept 23, 2009 Woot


Veni vidi vici! SonomaBouliste gets in a little ddiversion. Dmn wooters.us started singing badly at me.

Had three of this one in last time’s woot in September. And March 09 also

Also Winery Website

And a Woot Favorite!!! :happy:

And 2005… “slobber”

A much easier decision than the Bialla at $80+ a bottle.


$50 in the Wellington online store.

LOL indeed. It fits in the ABV and brix randge for you? :wink: He does videos an’ all.

I wondered if we’d get a detour, sinc last time we had a week with seriously expensive wine (except last week) and we had a wootoff, something did happen on here. I reckoned Friday was the goer…

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Yahoo, first in line, so I can crank out 2 of this sweet deal. We opened the first of the '04’s about a week ago and that is some SWEET juice! So glad Wellington was first in line to max out my credit card for the month! Thanks, WD for contributing to the decline of my credit rating :O)

It’s on the high end, but I know Peter’s work and I’ve tasted his 2005’s. These wines need time, but they’re good.

Pricing info for posterity:

Wellington Vineyards Victory Reserve Two - Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping

just as long as we don’t get any pictures of your posterity…

Funny you should say that. One of the wiser regulars said something very similar, if a little more detailed, in the September wooting. Apparently he’s an evil cyborg though, and we must buy.

I believe this is as close as I’ll get to a nice claret blend in CA. Not in taste, but in quality! Fine Cab-based blend and ageworthy. Thank you WD. Makes me buy another six to make up a case for my cellar. Actually, I gave one to the Pixies’ drummer as a thank you for loads of VIP tix.

alright… now to unlease the pent up frustration for not being able to pull the trigger on yesterday’s ww…

hoping to see… that’s right… CORISON!!

If only I had a cellar…

Yes always wanted to try 1 of these i’m in

I always listen to the wise regulars…