Wellington Vineyards Victory, Reserve - Two Pack

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Wellington Vineyards Victory, Reserve - Two Pack - $59.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

2 * 2005 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County

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Wellington Vineyards Victory, Reserve - Two Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2005 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
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This is some good juice. If I had the funds and/or any space in my cellar, I’d be in for the max, but alas, I am lacking in both.

not that I’m complaining, because there’s absolutely no way for me to justify a purchase such as this right now, but IIRC recently the Wellington could ship to AZ…

anyway, if any of you were wondering what to get for me as a belated birthday present ahemwherewereOURballoonscough this might be nice :slight_smile:

i’m out…see u all in the am

oh and for those wondering…a bottle of this from the winery costs $50 before shipping.


Love Wellington. Great deal. The Victory is one I can serve to both Merlot and Cab fans and get away with.

wellington, 2005 sonoma grapes, autobuy

I think a lot of people will be unhappy when they wake up and realize they missed out on this one.

Still have my two bottles from the last time this was offered. Trying to have patience and not drink them for a few years.

Already have a couple but got a couple more. Here’s why: 2005 is shaping up to be an historical vintage for Norcal cab. I already have a good chunk of them down in the cellar so at this point what I really want are bottles that are going to last as great memories of a fantastic vintage. And that’s exactly what the Victory delivers.

Alas, I require more minerals, as I am depleted after maxing out on the Corison. Or perhaps I can sneak in one… hmm, damnit.

Um, gone already?

Yeah, I guess they only had around 60 bottles :frowning:

Grr… Missed this… Wanted to load up on it too boo

Indeed! It was one of the things I could have brought you if I were in the right place before our baloonless :sad: birthday.

Already have 11 of these so can’t justify more. Probably. So passed for those I’m need.

I wanted his ZIN!

Wow. Middle of the night Wellington. :frowning:

Aww, … I guess sleep is over-rated

Hey! Is this some kind of East Coast - West Coast thing?

Absolutely. East Coasters got hosed on this deal…

Does anyone really need a wine ring?