Wellington White - 4 Pack

Wellington White - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping

Available (what’s this?)
2 2007 Roussanne
22007 Marsanne

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2 weeks of Wellington in a row?

How good is this deal?

Well, duh! You’re looking at a pretty standard (read: kick-ass) wine.woot discount of Wellington (also read: kick-ass) wines, here. Factor in shipping and you could almost get two of these here for the cost of one direct from the winery.

And congrats to HaK on First Sucker!

**Edit: **As usual, click the link above for details on the discount, CT links, CT prices, winery link, etc., etc., etc. …

WoooHooo!!! First Sucker Is Me!!! (and in for 2!) :slight_smile:

Way to go HAK!!!

HAK ftw!

In for one, because I cannot do anything but dutifully hit the button when it is Wellington.

Wellington White - 4 Pack
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I have not had either of these varietals. What are they like?

Congrats, HAK!

In for one. I still have a Marsanne or 2, and loved it. Can’t wait to get these and do a bit of blending. The Sannes have it!

WD – more rhone whites, please!!! Bordeaux whites are pretty good too. Stay away from the whites originating in burgundy (unless they’re actually from burgundy) :slight_smile:

Delicious. There was an old Peter Wellington blog post where the other me asked about these two grapes. It might be worth linking up.

EDIT: Here it is:

Of course peter will have to let us know the extent to which this vintage follows suit.

Put on your Wellies, folks, because when it rains (good wine), it pours!

Not sure where I’m putting these…I still have the Ty Caton in the shipping box because I have. no. room.

Now I gotta find a place for the Port AND this. My sister is gonna kill me.

I’m getting so close to my black square, at long last!

Edit: I’ve still not been a La’brat…just sayin’. :wink:

$88 for the 4 bottles without shipping at the website so excellent deal up front from what I can see…just not sure I need the whites.

Congrats, HAK - I almost beat you, too, but I realised I had to change my address. All that poising for nothing…

Btw, if any NC people (or DC, as I will be there for this month’s tasting) want to split this order with me, I’d love to do that. I don’t REALLY have room for 4 bottles. I went ahead and ordered; just let me know if you want half. :slight_smile:

Here’s the vinyard website for those so inclined…

Wellington Vineyards

In that they are interesting and different than the usual whites, I cannot help but want to taste them. In that they are Wellington Whites, I am only sad that their more “pedestrian” offerings of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are being left out. But with that said, I don’t think I will be unhappy, as the new experience(and my resolution to try more whites this year) should make up for the fact that they are not my fave reds.

Nice, Rhone whites! Just what I suggested in the “what do you want Woot to offer” thread.

Popped my first Wellington from Woot on New Years, the 2006 Syrah. Right on target for the price. Wellington + Rhone white sounds like a great combo.

And now you’re black!

I will pop my Roussanne tonight (Monday) with dinner, as promised, and let y’all know. I’d do so right now but I’m too tired to give a proper impression.

Just wondering if the codemonkeys will ever change the code for the page name so it doesn’t read ‘One Week, One Wine’ anymore…

Oh the mysteries of the universe. Right up there with - Since when did PW start making whites?

We can’t resist trying something new, so we’re in! We would be happy to be a rat for this one to usher in 2009 in proper style.