Wellrest Magic Loft Cloud Mattress Pad

Are mattress pads good on memory foam mattresses? I got one a year ago and it feels like one side sinks too much. I’m looking for something to give me more support without buying another mattress.

I just received this mattress pad, slept on it a couple nights and am ready to order a second one. This pad is so comfortable and has a great fit. It’s worth a try, you won’t be sorry and you’ll get a good nights sleep. Love it!

A memory foam topper might be a better option. Also, do you rotate your mattress regularly?

The Dimensions say 78x80. I think that applies to a King size. What are the dimensions for a Twin size?

Sorry! They’ve added the other sizes to the specs.

Mod: I’m about to order a Twin. Please assure me on the dimension of the Twin. Thanks.
Okay, thanks.

The specs tab has all the dimensions now.