Wells Lamont Work Glove 3-Pack

Here are a few good reviews

I am actually interested in these to use when I am moving stuff and working outside but so not think I will use 3 pairs.

The write up says, “good for many multi-purpose activities.” Well, Woot sure got that one right. I just ordered some of these gloves and I’ll bet that you will never guess how I intend to use them and what activities makes me need to buy them…

I’m a stargazer who loves to photograph the heavens in general and certain objects in particular. Generally, the best time to view and photograph is on a cold, cloudless winter night, as this is when the seeing conditions are the very best. The gloves keep your hands warm while allowing your fingers the freedom to make necessary telescope and camera adjustments.

In the past I’ve used wool gloves where I simply cut the finger tips off. That works for a while but the gloves unravel and become unusable in short order. Thanks, Woot!

Oh, you will TOTALLY use three pairs.

Pair one: Use for moving stuff and working out side.

Pair two: Use when you realize pair one got disgustingly dirty from the outside and now can no longer be used to move stuff.

Pair three: Give to your best buddy when he comments on how great those gloves are and how he really could use a pair.


(trust me, I sorta did this with a three pack of gardening gloves recently In fact, for this price you can get two more offers and make 7 friends ridiculously happy and filled with gratitude.)

These are totally worth it, I picked up a pair from the mothership at nearly the same price for 1 pair. I used them every day for nearly a year doing indoor warehouse work. finally they became gross and the palms began to wear through. I tried a different brad that I picked up at HD for about $10 and they fell apart in about 2 weeks. I am in for at least 2 sets, probably 3.

I climb for a living and go through gloves very quickly. These look great but I was wondering if you could help me with sizing. You said you also used a brand from hd (firm grip?), I’ve bought many a pair there and I was wondering if the sizing on these was the same. A good fit is essential for what I do. Thanks!

Thoughts on using them in the gym during a workout??

How about for stand up paddle-boarding or for use with kayak paddles??

The costume department on “Falling Skies” would probably go for a few hundred sets of these.

The less expensive version from the same manufacturer has great reviews. I’m thinking the treatment of the leather on these to make it softer and washable (usually leather is not washable) also makes it less durable. So you give up something to gain something. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

Another suggestion on why you need 3 pairs: one for your current project; one spare pair for when angry ants crawl over your first pair (this happened to me); and one pair to keep in your car for roadside emergencies. FYI, if you don’t accidently disturb an ant hive, the second pair will come in handy when someone stops by and asks " Do you need any help?"

Edited to add: if you don’t have a car, put the third pair in your go bag. Leather is great protection for all sorts of emergecies including preventing zombie teeth from breaking the skin.

When I went to buy, I was disappointed to see the smallest size is medium–female with small hands. On the other hand, I frequently have to use gloves that are too big for me, so I went looking for a size chart to explain the measurements. None on the manufacturers site but I found this generic chart on another site.

Is the sizing info referring to the circumferenceof the palm of your hand? 9, 10 or 11 inches around?

I’m not a glove authority, just a fellow wooter, but based on the size chart I posted above (which doesn’t match these sizes but includes a measuring guide–which is why I posted it), I think so.

No joy for me. Their medium is 9 inches; my palm is only 7".

Pretty sure I will still get poked by thorns if I use these for pruning roses…pass.

Hard to believe these can be that useful when there’s zero protection for the most vulnerable part of your fingers and thumb.

Gloves for people without fingers, eh?

These seem to be perfect economy sailing gloves. Palm protects your hands from rope burn. Open fingers let you manipulate stuff easy.

Real sailing gloves run from about $30 into the $60s. I’m picking up three to stash on the boat for guests. The washable feature sounds good for when they get wet.

Keeping a set in the trunk is also a good idea. Maybey I’ll end up buying two sets.

Grew up on a farm. DO NOT wear for baling hay,Ferrell kitties also bit fingers!

I’m thinking about using them for centerpin fishing. When a salmon or stealie goes on the run, the leather will help to slow down the spooling reel.

Our Price $35.95 3pk at http://www.toughweld.com/products/16846-grips-gold-blister-armor-gloves-7683
kind of remind me of my old hand ball gloves