Wells Lamont Work Glove 3-Pack

Wells Lamont Work Glove 3-Pack
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Did anyone else only receive one pair instead of the advertised 3?

I just got mine today and I only received one pair as well.

Hey guys- I’m so sorry for the trouble. I’ve pinged the buyer and CS. I’ll update you when I hear back.

UDPATE: The issue has been identified. You should receive communication regarding the resolution shortly. Thanks for pointing out the error!

I’ve sent an e-mail to woot customer service, and now 5 days later I’ve still yet to receive any information regarding this issue, or the other 2 pairs of gloves. I’d appreciate some communication in this as to the current state of affairs. This is far too long to have gone without being contacted.

I’m sorry about that, I’m checking in again and I’ll update ASAP.

Still no response to multiple emails about this issue…

Same here. I’m really wondering what’s going on over at woot to not even send me any sort of update on this. I like woot, but this is getting out of hand a has made me reconsider any additional purchases. The gloves aren’t a big deal, it’s the support that I’m now finding to be an issue.

It’s something to say when 1saleaday provides better support in resolving an issue, and I can say that indeed as I have ordered from, and now had issues with both.

This needs to be made right.

I’m sorry about the delay in communication. We will be emailing all affected customers soon. The basic gist is that we will be shipping out the rest of your order.

I sent in my email early (on the 3rd) so CS actually did get back to me… probably before the full discovery that (at least I suspect) everyone’s order got screwed up.

They do seem to be a bit backed up, though. Normally the response is much faster. I guess the gift-giving season has them overworked.

If you look at the packing slip, it makes it sound like you ordered a single glove, not a pack of three pair, so I suspect the warehouse monkeys were justifiably confused on this one.

At least it wasn’t Mortimer in charge, or we really would have gotten one glove each. :wink:

Has anyone actually received the other 2 gloves? I received an email saying they were coming mid-december. Still Waiting…

I’m very sorry to hear that you haven’t received the remaining portion of your order.

I’ve gone ahead and escalated your post along to a Woot Member Services representative to help expedite a resolve.

Thanks for your ongoing patience during this matter.

Thank you.