Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug (2-Pack)

Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug (2-Pack)

Why do these apps do such a power grab?

In order to turn an electrical outlet on and off, they demand to be able to do the following on my Android phone:

  • take pictures and videos (why?)
  • track me with precise GPS coordinates at all times (why?)
  • read, modify, and delete the contents of my SD card (hell, no)
  • access a slew of network permissions, some of which make sense, and some don’t
  • prevent phone from sleeping – why? need continuous GPS data to re-sell?

Pics & Vids: to take a picture of a device’s QR code during setup

GPS: to allow proximity rules to work. So you can set a rule that when you get home from work, a lamp will automatically turn on based on your presence.

SD card: for Android phone models that allow apps to be run off of SD cards instead of internal storage.

Network permissions: To monitor the state of the smart devices.

Sleeping: No idea on this one.

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