WEN 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

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WEN 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower
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Anyone recommend a good extension cord deal for this?

Never quite understood the use for an electric snowblower. Often when the big snow hits, the power goes out…

I don’t thinks this thing could quite handle the “big snow” anyway. I’m just hoping it can handle the couple days a year my state gets snow for a couple standard driveways.

I have a very similar snow thrower to this (mine is a Snow Joe brand), and I LOVE IT!
As an older gal who’s children are grown and gone and a husband that still travel for business alot, I often get stuck with the driveway clearing…with a bad back this is not good!
No, this is not a monster snow blower, but I can hang it up on a hook in the shed and easily take it down and carry it to the driveway. No spark plugs, gas mixture, cold starts (this is a biggie), etc. I just plug it in and off I go.
I can easily clear our 6 car driveway, sidewalks and mailbox area. I use a 16/3 extension cord (wrap around handle side to keep it from unhooking itself) and I let the snow thrower do the work at it’s own pace.
If you buy one: 1 - no gravel or rock driveways, you can punch a hole in the plastic cowling. 2 - tighten all nuts and bolts again when you take it out of the box. 3 - Spraying alittle silicone spray on the blades helps keep heavy, wet snow from clogging inside the unit.
I have used this to remove 10+ inches of fluffy snow in the past, just don’t force the thrower - gently push it into the drift, pull back and let the top snow fall down, now push again and remove.
Watch where you aim the snow, I have nailed the dog over 30 feet away with a layer of snow. This can also throw snow hard enough to break windows if you’re not careful where you aim the top chute.
I’ve had ours for 5 years now and it’s still running like a champ. I’ll never go back to a snow shovel again :slight_smile:

I bought this one last year from woot. It’s worked great for small jobs, up to 4-5 inches a few times a week. However, when there’s blizzard conditions it’s going to just not be able to handle it.
I especially like it for doing the walk as it’s easy to lift and doesn’t chew up the brick.

Seems annoying to use one of these on a long driveway with an Extension Cord in-tow.

Pondering getting one of these just to dig out my cars after they plow the parking lot at the apartment complex where I live. They seem to take great joy in seeing how much snow they can pile up in front of resident’s cars.

I bought this. Its So so. Anything heavy and its useless.

I like mine a lot. Got me through NE winter last year.

It may not have the power to throw plowed snow from behind your car. I know it was powerless against the dreaded bottom of the driveway.

The crank to turn the chute busted pretty quickly; be gentle. The chute can still be turned by hand.

When I was a kid, we had to make snowballs and throw them by hand. Kids these days – they can’t even throw their own snow?

Hey Helpermunkee,

If you bought the item last year then it is probably still under warranty. Send an email to customerservice@wenproducts.com to let us know what the problem is and we’d be happy to help you out.

I’ve never understood why every product needs it’s own generator. As an engineer, it seems like a colossal waste.

FWIW: I’ve owned a Craftsman 20" electric snowblower for probably twenty years. And I have 6.5HP Toro for the big storms.
Always runs
Small, easy to store (hangs on the wall, over the 6.5HP)

Won’t move heavy, wet snow (forget the end of the driveway)
Extension cord (but I have a pattern and routine that minimizes the “pain”)

Have had A Toro electric for about 15 years and it’s been a lot better then a shovel. In deep snow you can just shave layers, just don’t force it. For the end of the driveway when the plow fills it with crap, use a shovel. It wasn’t meant for that. For the price I would buy one and I’m going to get one for my daughter.