WEN 1800-watt Portable Generator

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WEN 1800-watt Portable Generator
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Time to check out the product page

As the product and spec pages say nothing about how many amps the two outlets can support, it seems impossible to make an informed purchase? A typical household circuit is 15 to 20Amps. Theoretically 1500 watts of this generator using 120 volts would be 12amps. Anyone with a serious need for electricity may want to consider a generator where the electrical specifications are actually specified?

any combination total watts <= 1500 W constant load for single or both outlets

I don’t see the amps listed on the product page.

However, a photo of the product online reveals that the rated amperage is 12.5.

so it should be able to light ~12 100 watt and ~1 50 watt light bulbs?? =)

thats right formula for amps is watts/voltage… 1800/120=12.5

correction… it will light 15 100 watt bulbs, the unit runs at 1500 watts so the formula again is 1500/120=12.5

This does not have an inverter, so don’t run electronics off this, or a microwave. The cycle it will generate will vary. It should be fine for motors, and lights, but avoid most chargers.

Hey rdgeorge,

Thanks for pointing this out. We really appreciate these comments for helping us catch important information we missed or neglected. The generator is indeed 12.5A and our website has now been updated to include these details. Thanks again!

Snagged one. I need it primarily as a backup for my sump pump.

how much is shipping on this item to North Carolina?

Shipping is $5 per cart-full to anywhere in the continental US.

Manual says this unit needs to be grounded. Internet search of this topic is confusing to say the least. Should it or shouldn’t it be grounded for occasional use?

They dont need to say Amps. they have the wattage, and you the voltage, do the math.
Watts/Voltage is your amps. but they dont know what kind of voltage you would be pulling.

1800/120 is actually 15. but it has a running wattage of 1500, which puts it at 12.5 Amps.

Wow - thanks! You just saved me $150!

Always earth ground any generator when in use. This is an excellent safety precaution.

What about my UPS? I have my computer/TV plugged into my UPS. Could I plug my UPS into the generator?

Even if, for example, it’s only giving me 90% of what I need – that would make it last 10X as long.

If it’s 100%, then perfect. :slight_smile: