WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

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WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New


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Hey! HEY! IT’S IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS! This here Inverter Generator requires fuel, so it can’t be returned to Woot. Once you hit that big yellow button, it’s yours. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. But you are still covered by the Manufacturer for warranty claims. We have enough broken crap around here, we don’t need yours cluttering up the place.

Comments from a previous offer

The manufacturer’s product page shows a list price of $499.99. So how is Woot coming up with $599.99 and a $200 savings?

Where do you take it for warranty service?

"Also prepare for the 40 pulls it takes to get one of these things started."

Got the harbor freight inverter 2 months ago. Think it was around 399 after sale/coupon. Only issue was, it was about half cup low on oil so make sure you look/check it over before pulling the starter. As far as the above comment goes (from a previous sale), if you don’t follow directions, you will pull about 40 times. I learned that if you pull SLOWLY about 5 or 8 times, this primes the engine for starting. Think this acts like those little primer bulbs on most weed eaters or blowers. Anyway, I’ve used it once and ran it for it’s monthly load twice (once when I got it and last week). It’s a backup to my primary genset (7000watt TroyBilt) I keep the smaller genset in the basement incase ground level blows away and takes my main generator with it. It’s kinda heavy so lugging it upstairs and outside to test is a pain but when I get old and feeble, I’ll just strap it to a dolly and drag it out. Don’t forget to run these UNDER LOAD at least every other month if not monthly. Plug a space heater or blow dryer into it for a load run.

It likely has a mechanical fuel pump that needs to be primed. I have a Ryobi inverter genny that is similar. Says to make 6 slow pulls with the throttle open when you first get it, and then again if it has been siting for a long while without fuel in it. Likely the same case with this one.

You’d likely take it to one of WEN’s service centers which you can find here.

Why is it important to run UNDER LOAD?? Thanks!!

Can this power small window unit air conditioner, light sets or small dorm sized refrigerator?

Parallel connection kit:

Save $89 (18%) compared to Mothership:
Amazon price

Sorry about that- we lowered it to the correct price. Sometimes we go off previous prices or just put our best guess in before we double check and then never go back and edit.

Yes to all, even simultaneously with a very small AC.

Because the generator may work with no load and not work under load. Engine needs to be run through its paces. You wouldn’t test a car engine by idle only.

Maybe I’m just not seeing it but, this runs on gas, right? I know some can run on propane.

Since this is an inverter, is it smart to use this to power computers/electronics, while my non-inverter 3500 watt generator runs the lights and other small appliances?

It’s gas!