WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

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WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator
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Reviews over at Walmart

This was recently a lightning deal on Amazon for 397.96. This is a good deal on a solid generator IMO.

At last, a subject near & dear to my heart!

Here’s the Amazon link for the Wen genny.

The Wen has very good reviews on Amazon. I have a Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 watt inverter genny and absolutely love it.

However, the Yamaha sells for $950! One reviewer on the Mother Ship says that the engine on the Wen is the same as the Yamaha, but I can’t verify that.

The beauty of these inverter gennys is that, unlike conventional gennys, they are super quiet and sip gas. Both the Wen and the Yamaha are listed at 51 db.

When mine is running, I can hold a normal conversation with someone while standing over it - it’s that quiet. I have a 300-foot-long driveway, and there’s no way you can hear it from the street.

The weight is listed at 47 lbs, so as an older woman, I can lug it around if necessary. For convenience, though, I’ve placed my Yamaha on a small, wheeled furniture mover.

I also have a regular, noisy 7000W generator that I use for firing up a big well pump. I’m very tempted to snag this little Wen as a second genny – one for the front of the house and one for the back.

The more I write this, the more I want a second unit. I think this would be a very good purchase for a backup electrical source.

I bought one of these… Very quiet. reliable. Definitely recommend… A good deal too!

Once again I would like to remind everyone that since this uses fossil fuel you will have exhaust. Since you have exhaust you will have carbon monoxide. So please do not use these indoors at all. Do not use in your garage. Please use it outside of your home. When its outside your home do not have it near any outside air inlets. Please save your family from Carbon Monoxide. This is a silent killer that takes many lives each winter.

I bought one of these last time. It is quiet and runs great. I put a hour meter on mine.
Great price. Only thing I’m not sure of is it’s longevity.

Does anyone know the running wattage when using 2 in parallel with the parallel kit? Looking an economically better option than getting a 2800W inverter generator.

Actually reading up on the parallel kit, it’s maximum output would be 120v 30amps, or 3600 watts.

I just pulled the trigger on 2, and purchased the parallel kit on Amazon. Was on the fence last time it was offered, and after further research I think this is my best option for clean, quiet backup power. About $60 cheaper, and about 400w more power than a single inverter generator.

How long does it run on a tank of gas? What is the size of the gas tank?

It depends on the load but people on Amazon say 4-8 hours on a full tank. Tank is approximately 1 gallon.

Would this be powerful enough to run a pellet stove in a power outage?

It’s way overkill for a pellet stove. You could use a car battery and a cheap 300 watt inverter for that. Most of the ones I’ve seen only need an amp or two when running.

smaller 800 watt unit would be sufficient.

I bought one of these on a previous offering for a buddy. He uses it to power his 16 foot trailer (a/c, TV, lights, or microwave). He absolutly loves it, I’m thinking about getting one for myself this time, plus it’s $10 cheaper than last time.

Will this really run the AC on a camper trailer? Mine is a 25-footer. I’d totally be in on this if I could power my camper overnight.