WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

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WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator
Price: $384.99
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Condition: New


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It worked great. I got it right before a big storm supposed to hit and no storm hit at all, no power outage.

It’s not very loud but it isn’t silent.It comes with a funnel to put the oil in because the oil plug is at a weird angle.And it comes with a battery charging clamps but the wire is very short so it would have to be right next to the battery.

Overall I’m happy with it it’ll keep my refrigerator running in the summer and my heat running in the winter if there’s a power failure

BUUUUUUUUYYY it! First one I got was damaged. Had some stripped plastic tabs for screws holding the back panel on… BUT woot replaced it no problem. Thoroughly check this thing out BEFORE you put gas in it. When I contacted WEN about the damage, they told me they would have to file a freight claim with the carrier who delivered it. Then I was told they couldn’t do a freight claim because they weren’t the seller, Woot was, and that I would have to contact them. Luckily for me, I hadn’t gassed mine up yet, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to mail it back.

All that said, I still say buy it. The second one I received works great. I tested it by running my deep freezer for a whole half tank. Went about ten hours.

A few comments, at full load there is no way this is as quiet as a normal adult conversation. Unless your having a conversation at a frat party. It is however quieter than conventional generators. If you use eco mode while running at 1000 watts or below, it is fairly quiet. At 20 feet from my house with the windows closed, couldn’t hear it at all.

One suggestion: get yourself one of these.


Price recently dropped. Mine was 18.99. Although it says Yamaha, it does work with the WEN. Pulls out a lot of metal shards from the oil.

Owning a generator is magical that way. My last one kept my house power outage-free for 7 years.

Got one on Ebay about a month ago for $369 ,no tax or shipping. Price goes up and down but if you are patient it won’t take long to find a better deal there.

I highly recommend this generator. I bought one last year and it has worked perfectly for tailgating, camping, and a few power outages.
It usually starts in just a couple of easy pulls without fail. For the price and build quality, this is hard to beat and is one of the best purchases I have made on woot.

If you buy one, be advised that there is a gas bleed/drain tube that is open when it ships and is not well mentioned in the manual. Make sure that once you put gas in it and it starts to drip, turn the screw to close it off or it won’t start and you will have gas dripping from behind the access panel.

I borrowed a generator during the last hurricane, and the most important spec wasn’t the watts, it was the peak amps. Any idea what the rating is on this unit?

Also wanted to mention here, the description page says no returns, so fueled or not I would take that to heart.

These little gems are great for tail gating but just a little heavy to be tossing it around like a country ham. But it’s small enough to be manageable. I have one about the same size from Harbor Freight. I made sure I got a spare sparkplug, extra oil and funnel. Be sure you run these things UNDER LOAD every couple of months to keep things in working order. Last think you want is to go fire it up and it won’t start.

I have a 7kw genset that I converted to run LPG and natural gas. I run both these units for no less then 30 minutes under load for the big generator and 15 for the little one. Refuel and store. Keep the smaller unit in the basement with no fuel in the tank (run it dry). And though I don’t store fuel in my basement, I laugh at people who pull up to the pump and whip out those plastic containers. I have 3 JustRite Type II safety cans and 2 military jerry can’s I keep in my garage (chained to the floor using a nice big EYE bolt. Bigger genset also secured this way. Hey, during a bad storm (tornado for example), and the house gets wiped off it’s foundation, I hope to still have some fuel and a generator (or two) to make life less crazy. But DO NOT store fuel in your basement or make sure the fuel in the tank of the smaller unit is empty before lugging it back to the basement.

I bought 2 of these the last time they were available. Started up fine even though putting oil into wasn’t all that easy and they can’t even tell you the amount to put in. Tested them both under load and worked fine. Air compressor would get it to shut down on eco mode. You can get 2 of these for the price of one Honda. Also ordered the parallel kit to combine their powers for running larger/more items.


So…I bought one during the last Woot-off. I have absolute zero experience starting, using, or maintaining a generator. I bought it for my cargo van/camper conversion.

Are there any videos out there that can demonstrate the use of this specific generator? And any modifications i.e. parallel power. Just looking for some help on how to get smarter on these things.

I am a visual learner and all the things you guys are talking about sound great and actually are what convinced me to go this route for power while camping.

found this…WEN 2000w

and this…generic info about inverter generators

last but not least…listed #9 of top 10 Best Portable Generators

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Isn’t the engine made of aluminum?
I would think the rings are steel, but are there steel sleeves in the engine?

The cylinder of an aluminum engine block must have a cast iron cylinder liner. If cast iron piston rings were to contact an aluminum cylinder directly, the engine would not survive the break in period.


This might be a good time to mention that there is a hurricane scheduled to make landfall on the southeastern Atlantic coast this weekend.

I wonder how quickly Woot can ship…

bought in the last wootoff. have been running TV, satellite, speakers, fans and light at tailgate for past month or so. Huge improvement over old generator we had out there. Actually pretty quiet. Easy to use. I had never operated a generator, but I watched the video posted above by another user off Youtube and it starts on the first or second pull every time.

Did the exact same thing. They plug into my transfer switch and power the essentials. Some day I’ll jump to a fully integrated home back-up gen but this was an affordable option.

I purchased of these WEN 2000 Inverter Generators about 9 months ago. I never got a chance to use it until I did some remote camping this past summer. I unpacked the unit, and set it up as instructed. While there is some question about the sanity of hiding the oil dipstick and fill behind the panel, the unit started on the 3rd pull of the starter rope (new engine/gas had not reached the carb). Once started, I was amazed at how quiet it ran. And when put into economy mode, wow, even quieter. I used the genset for about 18 days of camping, and never bothered any of my camping neighbors. I kept all my electrical items running and batteries charged. While it is a bit heavy, it was manageable, and I am very pleased.

I returned mine to woot. I didn’t put gas in it. Mine was broken on arrival.