WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

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WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator
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You have it? Tell us about your Wen.

51 decibels? Are you sure that’s right? Even the Honda version of this is rated at 59dBs. 51 must be with no load on it.

I have a Wen I purchased through Woot! a few months ago and I love it! I had originally wanted the Honda or the Yamaha but eventually realized they were way out of my price range. After reading many reviews and watching many comparison videos I decided the Wen was both a comparable and budget friendly option for me. I will say that the manual does not mention this, but when you receive it the bleed tube at the bottom is open and so prior to filling it with gasoline you will want to close that or risk getting gasoline everywhere like my husband did. I liked that the Wen came with an oil dipstick, though it is behind a panel and that despite its oil filling spot being behind that same panel and in an awkward angle that they provided a funnel for filling the oil. The Wen also came with a screwdriver to open that panel. The gas filling spot was conveniently located on top and had the bonus of a gas gauge, which the other model generators I was looking at did not have. The gas cap seals very tightly so I smelled no gasoline in my van while in transport. I have only used the Wen 2x so far at an outdoor dog show to run my dog dryers but I must say, though slightly louder than the more expensive ones, the difference was negligible. I put it on choke and pulled the starter and it started right up every time on the first or second pull. One time it was on “choke” and wouldnt start so I called my husband who told me to try just moving it to “start” instead" and giving it a pull then. Did that and it started right up on one pull so if it doesnt start on “choke” try it on “start” before giving up. I also really like the addition of usb ports to charge phones and other electronic devices right there too. The Wens dimensions are very similar if not slightly less than the yamaha my friend has and i think it only weighs a teeny bit more. Im a girl, not huge or strong but with a bit of umph I can lift and move it. All in all I am very pleased with my Wen. Will update in the future after more uses and the test of time!

Thanks Woot!

You can watch side by side decibel comparison tests with other brands on you tube. In these tests they run them idling, at lower loads and at full loads.

I purchased 2 of these for my boyscout troop. they work great! easy to use, lasts hours on a tank, and is quieter than a vacuum cleaner. And that is not hyperbole

if you are thinking of getting one, go 4 it. it’s great.

Why do I want this over the 56180 or 56352? I assume it has something to do with the inverter part but I can’t figure out the difference.


Purchased this from woot about a month ago. Used it a tailgate to run a TV, Sat dish, Sat Receiver, outdoor fan, and a lamp. Worked great. Very quite. With all that plugged in, still ran nice and quite on ECO mode.

Starts 1st or 2nd pull every time.

I can confirm this exact same experience minus the lamp but double the fans (It is hot in Louisiana). See my review from the last time Woot sold this generator. My only question is why is Woot selling it so often?

I purchased one of these units about one year ago. I was amazed at how quiet it was. I used during several camping trips to the state parks here. Other campers never turned their heads when they walked by our site. I quickly charged my camper battery during allowed times and was able to charge cell phones using the USB port. I really like mine, and cannot say enough good things about the WEN 2000i unit. While I have not had to use it for a power outage, I know that if needed, it will do a good job. A quick note, mine started on 3rd pull one morning here at about 32F when I started to exercise the unit.

With my sound level meter, I got 64-67 dBa at 3 meters, far more noise than claimed. Nevertheless, it’s still relatively unobtrusive, and I use it for the backup to my home backup genset, and backup for my trailer in GA.

But my measurements show it neither meets the continuous output nor noise specs.

My thoughts exactly. I was super excited when I got mine about a month ago. Might have been 2 months. Either way, deal of a lifetime - bought 2 to power my fancy new camper. Now the dang things go on sale here a couple times a week it seems like. New model due? Not selling well? Stumped!