WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

I notice the Woot add says that the order will be fulfilled by Amazon.

I notice on Amazon’s page it says that it can not be shipped to my address (no explanation as to why).

I don’t see any such notice on the Woot page but…

…am I out of luck?

I don’t know as I can’t see your address. Make sure it’s in the US and not a PO box. If you want to give me more info, you can private message me.

To Private Message me, click on the envelope next to my name in this post. To check your PMs for my response, click on the envelop near the top, to the right of Everything But Woot.

Not worried about doxing. Don’t know why I didn’t include location previously; just didn’t think. In any event: California. Zip code 93555. And no, it’s not a PO Box; just a plain ol’ house.

If you need these instructions, you likely cannot handle a gasoline lawnmower, chainsaw, leafblower, or snowblower. Given that issue, perhaps you should sit in the dark and wait for help to arrive; you could sing songs around a candle to bide the time, though. Good luck. The bier will stay cold longer if you keep the refrigerator door from opening too often.

How are these items sold out even before they seem to be listed at 1am?

This was Monday’s Daily Deal.

Has anyone received their Wen from this woot yet? The UPS tracking for mine shows it stuck at the departure warehouse since 12/6, today is 12/12.

Following up on this, my order was lost in shipping and woot refunded the purchase price. Woot said they could not ship a replacement because they did not have any in stock