WEN 2312 Variable Speed Oscillating Tool

Time to check out the product page

My wife has a different term for mine.

Bought one the summer of 2010.

Have yet to use it.

This is probably one of the most unique and utilitarian tools offered since the router.
What does it do?

Well it does a lot of things, but it really shines in its ability to MAKE THINGS FIT WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE THEM FIT!

Did you ever install a kitchen cabinet, a kitchen counter, a window unit, a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, a light fixture or any one of a hundred other items in your home? Well, all of these items are made in a shop by a cabinet maker or they are mass produced in a factory. They are all made to be SQUARE…and there in is the problem. The problem is that your house is not built in a factory. It’s built on site by carpenters who must work in all kinds of weather with relatively simple tools. While they try to build the house square, they frequently do not succeed and even if they do, the house will settle and quickly fall out of square.

This tool makes you a MASTER at making things fit when they really should not. When you run into such a situation, you will know that this tool will save the day. So you could say that this tool makes a square peg fit into a round hole easier than any other tool. Take it from me…IT’S MORE THAN WORTH THE 30 BUCKS TO OWN ONE.

The tool and the accessory bundle is virtually identical to one offered by Harbor Freight. However, for the same price, this bundle includes the case. That alone makes this a nice deal.

This doesn’t have the easy-on/off attachment system, but for occasional use, it’s just fine.

I have the harbor freight (more expensive) one. I got it on sale last year for the same price as the less expensive one.

I have not used any other brands, so have no basis for comparison. The main difference I’ve found in other name brands (ryobi, makita, etc) is the connection point, and how the various ‘accessories’ attach to it. I’m sure the quality of the motors and other factors weigh in on the higher prices for the other brands, but this does what I need it to do.

Some jobs I’ve done with it so far:
*cut a baseboard without removing the baseboard from the wall
*cut several inches off the bead board in one of the bathrooms (made it shorter, more aesthetic) while still attached to the wall without damaging the drywall behind it
*notched a piece of wood for use in a project
*in the absence of my hacksaw, cut an aluminum bracket and a 3/8" steel threaded rod in half
*sanded the mounting pads for the replacement hood for my truck (out of a salvage yard, had rust)
*notched a stud to allow light fixture wiring to run to a new fixture behind the drywall
*more things
Something I know I will use it for in the future: notching door jambs for carpet/tile.

There are a myriad of applications for this tool. I wish I had a case for mine, especially at this price. From the above-listed jobs, it replaced my hacksaw, hammer and chisels, wrecking bar (removing baseboards, etc), sander/elbow grease, and a LOT of extra time.

The harbor freight version doesn’t, either; to be honest, it hasn’t bothered me in the least. Changing ‘tools’ is as simple as twisting off a hex cap bolt and washer, and putting on a new ‘tool’ - in other words, it’s about as much hassle as changing a dremel bit.

I also recommend the Blue Hawk 19-piece oscillating tool accessory kit, $15 at Lowe’s, or something similar (There’s also a 24-piece for $25, which is the one I picked up).

I have owned a cabinet shop since 1977. I can’t really comment on the WEN since I have always purchased high end versions. The oscillating saw can do things easily that are almost impossible without it. Cutting an 8" baseboard in place with absolutely no damage to the surrounding wall is just one of many. At this price. if you only use it once it will probably pay for itself. I you are a pro wanting to try this type of tool, buy one to prove to yourself how useful they are, and then spend $200+ on high end kit.

One of the most useful power cutting tools you can own. I don’t have a Wen - mine’s a Norge, and it’s also the most dangerous tool I own. I can’t tell if this Wen is the same way, but mine is the only power tool I own that has a positive ‘on/off’ switch that can be left in the ‘on’ position without a lock button, and not a squeeze trigger like on a power saw or drill. Translation: Make damn sure the switch is in the ‘off’ position before you plug it in.

Can this be used to cut plexiglass (quarter inch thick)?

Are the blades on these standardized?
e.g. If I buy this one on Woot, am I locked in to finding and buying WEN-specific blades?

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Thanks dliidlii!!

I picked up a same type tool at a true value hardware on sale for about $30 regular price $50 . It was a master mechanic and had more blades and sandpaper. The blades cost about $10-15 each.
These tools are great and I have found a lot of uses for them.

I can say, from experience with their flexshaft tool, that it accommodates other brand accessories (like Dremel) just fine, so no, you’re not locked in to their parts only.

WEN’s tools all seem to be made that way, though I can’t speak to each’s specifics but my own. In fact, to be sure I checked out the product page at WEN which states:

I mean, I’m happy for those who’ve got it, but that’s an ‘Amazon Local’ coupon tied to the location you put in. One can easily switch one’s location, I think, somewhere on the page, but since my ‘local’ isn’t the same as your ‘local’ the coupon’s not there. This makes me sad. :frowning: I love good coupons!


Doh! Lol, thanks. I saw that link on your earlier post just after I made my post. (smh!)

I’ve been looking for an oscillating saw, but the attachments shown don’t resemble anything looking like a saw blade. Am I missing something from the photos, or is this tool not meant to be used as an oscillating saw? For the price, even if I had to buy the saw blade, it would be worth it.

Pardon my ignorance – I’m a newbie DYI-er. :slight_smile: