WEN 2312 Variable Speed Oscillating Tool

Apparently this tool is really good at cutting off nails that are halfway pounded in. I’ve built a lot of things and I’ve never needed to do that. Am I missing something?

Can’t you say the same thing about every tool?

If you’re going to buy this average item to use around the house then it’s a good price.

However, if you are going to use it as part of your job, you might want to spend a lot more on the top of the line version.

I never understood why people need to point that out. Common sense should be common…

I know many ladies out there are considering buying this for their men. Well, let me tell you that it’s good for the ladies too. It’s really lightweight and easy to move around. And not dangerous. You can touch the vibrating blades and not get cut. But those vibrations, oh those vibrations. One day, I held to next to my thigh for leverage and SHAZAM … in about 1 minute, I no longer saw a need to find a boyfriend. Too bad I can’t bring it family gatherings to explain to mom why I haven’t gotten married yet.
ps - if you use it exclusively as a dude substitute, it’s safest to remove the blades. And do NOT let the moving parts touch you; just the back or side of the thing on your thighs. Finally, don’t let it get wet.

Unfortunately, I get “NOT AVAILABLE.” I live in NYC, zip 10013. Does anyone know how I can get the coupon? Thanks.

Sometimes a nail is so damaged, i.e. by rust, that it no longer has a head. Removing it with a hammer is then not an option. You can’t put it out with pliers either because there isn’t enough traction. The best option is then to cut it with this or a Dremel-style rotary tool, and make the nail stump flush against the surface. Make sure you use a blade that cuts metal. Most are made for wood or drywall.

Some call this an oscillating tool and some call it a multipurpose tool. While there are many uses for this tool, I’m sure that the designers never considered this purpose and I know they’re all getting a belly chuckle out of this.

Now what can you do with a chain saw?

I got the same thing. If you look to the right of the page where you got this message you’ll see a sign that says “Deal Over”

She’d probably remove the chain and use it separately from the motor. Reminds me of the woman who married her washing machine on the Jerry Springer show because sitting on it was more satisfying than any man. It’s a big world out there.

I’m no expert but my oscillating tool has become the most used electrical tool in my arsenal. An oscillating saw is just a saw, and great if you need to saw a lot and large pieces. This is a multipurpose device that can saw, cut, sand, etc. Basically, it makes small circular motions at high speed which translates to vibrations. Because the vibrations are so small, and the blades are so narrow, you can cut very precisely. And it’s much more maneuverable than other electrical tools. In addtion, the blades are very safe. You can literally touch a moving blade without harming yourself. Watch YouTube videos to see how these tools are used.

PS - you can find packs of different blades and accesories for cheap on ebay.