WEN 4 x 36-Inch Belt with 6-Inch Disc Sander

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WEN 4 x 36-Inch Belt with 6-Inch Disc Sander
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Anyone have any reviews on this. I’ve been looking for a unit like this for a while that is affordable. The Harbor Freight one goes on sale for $60 but you have to do some engineering to get it to function satisfactorily so I passed on that unit.

Not sure where the $175 list price comes from when WEN sells it on their own site for $120 shipped. Still a decent discount though.

If you are looking for reviews, this model appears to be identical (other than paint job) to several other brands

I own 2 very similar machines and keep one in my main shop and one in my garage. The sander in my main shop is a little larger…a Grizzly which runs a 6"x48" belt and the smaller one is this one, which has a different name on it (Rockwell).

My only point is to tell you that a bench mounted belt sander such as this one, is an indispensible tool in any shop. It removes stock VERY QUICKLY without any burning marks on your workpiece. I found hundreds of applications for this machine and I’m sure that you will find hundreds more.

This machine happens to be one of the better variations of the 4" bench mounted belt sanders. It works well right out of the box. The seemingly chief competitor of this machine is the one imported by Harbor Freight, but it has a crippling design flaw of belt slippage. It’s like driving up a hill with a slipping transmission.

Anyway, the price of this machine here represents a good discount over the other clones of this unit with different brand names. So you can rest assured that you are getting a very good price.

Quality post right here. Links without a hidden agenda (referral or linked, links). I want to add that the prices have been as low as the following by Camelx3 but they never capture GoldBox deals and Lightning Deals, so they may be lower come November. Still today’s deal is a respectable price and I am going to have to bite on this one.

Rikon - $118.99 & Prime
Eastwood - $119.99 + SH (Never Amazon)
Rockwell - $117.25 & Prime

The post above me by acanarelli
swayed me too.


A couple of things I didn’t know…but should have.


A 6"-dia. disc has 3" of usable width, because only the portion that rotates toward the table can be used safely.

A 4"x36" sanding belt has only about 12" of useable length

Acanarelli you’ve closed the deal for WOOT. In for one.

Darn, missed this one. I’ve been looking for a cheap belt/disc sander that is a step above the HF model. Maybe I’ll catch this one again in a future WootOff.

I got my new bench sander last week and gave it a quick workout this weekend.

Assembly was simple. Changing the belt and disc both seem straight forward. I was missing a lock washer for the work rest over the sanding belt; hopefully it won’t wiggle itself loose too quickly.

It took about 45 seconds to dial in the tension to keep the belt straight. Whatever grit is on the factory paper worked great on both radiata pine, and on a steel chisel that I touched up on the disk. (note: if your tools aren’t high speed steel, be very careful not to heat them up too hot and remove the tempering)

I don’t have an adapter for the dust port, but with a 1.5" hose just resting in the opening it captured a lot of sawdust. Without suction, fine dust sprayed everywhere. You will want to hook this up to a shop vac or dust collector.