WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

I have the wen 56200i, is it possible to hook these together with a parallel kit?

Thanks to anyone who can answer!

Withdrawn, I dont know about your other generator, sorry.

This says you can with 30amp connectors but didn’t get into detail about those that don’t have said connectors.

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These come up from time to time here. I bought one a while back and have used it a few times for power outages (and to give it a little exercise once in a while). It’s far better than my non-inverter generator - both quieter and the power is a lot more stable. Its size and shape also makes it a lot easier to handle than the older style.

The only quirk about it is that once in a while it shows an overload light when first started. I haven’t found a way to clear the light without stopping the engine and restarting - but then it is rock solid. I generally power the fridge, furnace (winter), the ceiling fans (summer), and the TV plus a few lights.


I own the 2000W (56200i)version and have had great luck with it. Used it for moderate periods of time (10 minutes to an Hour) every week for the last 1 1/2 years. No issues so far. Very pleased with it.

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Can you link more than two of these together? It would be great to have four in parrallel to output 8000w of clean, quiet power

Wen’s Parallel Connection Kit says two.

Update: Vendor confirmed up to two generators.

You may want to contact WEN about this, being that your existing one is a 2000w and this is a 2250w.

On these smaller units, two in parallel is the most I’ve seen. You’re venturing well into the DIY category here, with all the legal disclaimers attached (voided warranties, shock hazards, chance of fires, etc.).

8KW?? for What?

These provide 120V only, and can provide a bit less than 15A (actual depends on type of load, starting current, so may be less). A common usage is to “parallel” two of them, and provide either an RV-style (3-pin) or a twist-lock connector (contractor-style) 120V receptacle at 30A. This is 30A at 120 V.

If you have a load like 8000W, I think you are thinking of powering part of a house or something else large. That would almost surely mean you need 220V. These units don’t do that. A lot of similar-priced mid-sized generators do provide 220V, but not the “inverter” units like this one, which are optimized for quiet, economical performance.

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Hi there. Vendor saw your question and answered:

The 56200i can be connected to a 56225i with a parallel kit. In fact, any of the parallel capable WEN inverter generators can be connected with a parallel kit to another WEN inverter generator.

yes, use the Wen cord for it.

Just bought this from Home Despot. Great unit, quiet, reliable, has features most don’t in this size class. Good value. I spent the day making a cart to roll it around on. Saw one on the you tube, and made my own, for a total of about 30 bucks. Also installed a $10 hour meter to keep track of runtime, for oil changes, etc.
Don’t know about the list price, but I paid just over $500.