WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

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I’ve seen this on sale for over $100 less several times at other retailers last year.


Is it just me or the Woot looks a little different today?

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Not just you…

WEN would I use something like this?

Yep - new design sucks. The summary of the sales from all the sites that used to be across the bottom of every page is now gone.


Get used to it; there’s no way they’re rolling this back.

Which seems to be a constant in web design - redesign something with no added benefits/features for the end users AND make sure to change things just enough to annoy them.

Oh, and only have 5 of the thing that you know everyone is going to want to buy so that by the time you wake up it’s sold out. For hours.


just bought this for $100 more on amazon…

Wen just has this on sale earlier this week for $400 with free shipping. It is a pretty good unit after researching it.

Slick Deals Link

Wen you loose power. Or wen you want to irritate your neighbors at 2am wen testing it’s ability. Thats wen. :crazy_face:

That’s how web designers stay employed, it’s called job security. Add on garbage nobody asked for while maybe making one change worthwhile. Next release fix or remove garbage, make one change worthwhile, add new garbage, rinse repeat etc.


We just had thunderstorms and tornadoes last night… timing - well played, woot! LOL

Home Depot was selling it on their website $399.99 with free shipping exactly 1 week ago.

It was a trending deal on SlickDeals at the time

This extremely high quality post went over exactly how to properly power your house with a generator.


Woot continues to get their stock from the same location as big box stores but the big box stores continue to give much better discounts than Woot since Amazon took over. You’ll hear the mods screech about how it’s not true, but it’s easy to price check yourself. and Woot is always about a week or two behind walmart, homedepot, lowes and costco when it comes to selling the exact same product for more.

Do yourself a favor and constantly price check via slickdeals to see how often these sales are bad.

I have a small but give our take same output but louder since it’s an open frame design and only cost me $150. Use mine when I’m at the coast fishing at night and bring my fishing lights where there are none, I love mine and it starts within first three pulls every time thanks to fuel shutoff. Can’t reiterate how important the fuel shutoff valve is on any gravity feed engine.

“The ultra-efficient 1 Gal. tank” Mmm hmmm.

Woot, and Amazon , appreciate the extra money they get from you loyal buyers.

IT it was $150 it is not likely an inverter style.

nebugeater…I was thinking the same thing…brewercm66 not comparing apples to apples. Thought I have seen some open frame Inverter generators appearing on the market this year and running cheaper then the enclosed ones. Trade off is they are a little louder.

I have a similar model Champion brand. On my construction site it ran a water pump over night and camping it ran all night and still had fuel in the morning while running my friend’s CPAP machine. It’s solid.

I have this unit. Live in hurricane country. I made a rolling stand to move it around, and this is a great value for the features. Compare to Honda unit for almost twice the price.