WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

Have the previous generation model, purchased here on Woot.

Works great, highly recommended. Light, quiet and super easy to start.

The only negative was the oil fill was hard to access. I believe this model has an improved oil fill access.

I don’t have this one, I have a similar one made by Furman and sold by Costco. They’re both knockoffs of the Honda 2000, slightly more power, a bit more noise. And that’s the selling point for these, they can be used without driving your neighbors crazy. Mine is just for post hurricane power blackouts and I haven’t needed to use one (yet) but I’ve tested it a few times. It’s running about 15’ away from the house in the yard and I can’t hear it inside. Run one of those 5200 watt $300 generators and you will make enemies.

It’s strong enough to run a full sized refrigerator and a window air conditioner, and that’s all I care about,

It’s 509 on amazon right now. Good deal here.

So how does the 1 gallon gas tank work in a power failure? Have to refill every 6 hours.

We have two of the previous generation models that we use in parallel for camping. They are great little generators that run for a long time on 1 gallon of gas.

Doesn’t make sense that the 56235i model listed on Amazon puts out 100 more watts,is about 10 lbs lighter and is $40 cheaper on Amazon than their price for the 56225 I model on there. Anyone know if these are substantially different in quality?

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