WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
Price: $199.99
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This is a much better price than the cheap quality 5-ton they are selling at Harbor Freight. http://www.harborfreight.com/5-ton-log-splitter-61373.html

As someone who used to heat with wood as my only heat source, this is not the log splitter for that. It is meant for someone who has a couple of fires a year around the Holidays, and then only if you have nice straight grained wood (such as oak). With twisted grains (ie Locust), woods 6 tons of pressure would be lucky to split a 4 inch log.

The advantage is it is very quiet , you could use it on the balcony of an apartment and no one would know.

Keep in mind that it is very slow also.

I own the HF version - it is VERY similar in construction and operation as the WOOT!/WEN offering. (it appears to be the same mechanism, function, and motor from what I can see in the video) Some points for your consideration:
Make sure the valve is open (the butterfly needs turned a few times to ensure that pressure can be relieved as the cylinder moves forward.
If the splitter can’t push through a log for whatever reason - try putting it at a slight angle. I lift a log slightly on the edged (sharp) portion and I have never had a log not split. This includes locust, knotty pear, cherry etc. You will have to run the log all the way through on the real stringy stuff.
I have split 5 cords of wood with my HF splitter in the last year - super easy.
You may want to consider putting the splitter on something - I put mine in a large wagon. It reduces the amount of bending over that I need to do.
Last point for your consideration: this is electric powered so when it is cold raining and miserable you can haul this puppy into the garage or even the house and split in a more comfortable area.

I have this splitter under a different label from Tractor Supply. It is a light/medium duty unit which works pretty well. It is VERY low to the ground, which makes loading it easy, but you have to use both hands to operate it, so you pretty much have to sit. As someone else pointed out, it is pretty slow. But, a very good choice for the occasional user, and this is as good a price as you’ll find.

I bought this the last time it was offered on Woot in August… It worked great the 4 times I used it! Just last week I went to use it and the motor is locked up! All I get is a loud hummming noise and the internal breaker eventually trips. I understand this has a 2-yr warranty, but such a PITA taking it somewhere for repair!!

Call their customer services. I had issues with mine and they paid shipping both ways and sent me a brand new unit back!

Same here. And the replacement unit is great. I’ve split two cords so far, some fairly dense woods such as ash and oak. You have to get somewhat creative laying the wood (allright, behave yourselves) on the rail, but it handles most of my supply. Just make sure you stay well forward of the wedge, or you may catch a log in the knee.

I am convinced that WEN and Harbor Freight are the same items, sometimes with a few cosmetic bits different between the two.

I just spent a few minutes looking at the tools on both websites and I’m even more convinced than before now - usually you can pick a WEN tool and find a HF tool with the same shape, same controls, same everything except color and stickers.

I purchased one last time.
Very slow and second time I went to use it the ram moved VERY slow and wouldn’t split anything.
I’m glad to read they will stand behind their product. When mine failed it was the end of wood splitting season and I haven’t called yet as I was sure I would get a run a round.
Now I have more confidence and will call about it.

I got one from Woot back in August. I’ve split several cords of oak with it and it does ok. Some pieces up to 16-18" in diameter. I put it up on a piece of plywood on the back of my trailer so I wouldn’t have to kneel down to run it. It’s a little slow especially when the logs are shorter than the length the splitter will take, so I cut several different short lengths of a 4x4 to take up the space.
I did a short video when I first got it.

A six ton log splitter? That’s freakin’ heavy!! I wonder how the ship it and how do I get it off the truck!

I have a lot of trees but no fireplace. In spite of that, I’m very tempted to buy one of these spliters just to help my neighbors out who certainly need the wood.

The only thing I have against stacking and saving fire wood is that doing so attracts vermin.

I bought one back in August.
It split through Cedar no problem but would Not budge on the Oak I have. Which is why I bought it. Softwoods are easy to split with a axe (& kinda fun) but trying to split Hardwood by hand is a back breaker.

I’ll try your angle technique and see what happens.

I’ve split many cords of wood using a very similar splitter. It’s probably not going to be “ideal” but holy carp, it will make things faster!

I split some oak rounds this past summer that were in the 2-3ft diameter range and the length of the throat with mine… it struggled, and I had to rotate the log, but it definitely worked (and much quicker than using an axe!).

These little things are definitely capable! Also - I made a foot peddle to operate the splitter… it made a huge improvement in capability an ease of use. Highly recommended!