WEN 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press

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Here it is in a previous Plus Sale



From wen tools it’s only $89. Stop lying to us, woot!!! (Amazon, cough, cough)


I blame everything on amazon. The demise of shirt.woot, all of it. Saying this drill press retails for $30 more than it actually does. Jerks.

It’s as if they’re too dumb to know of a thing called a search engine… I found it in 20 seconds using my phone…

Hmmm… if it’s this kind of Chuck Key I think I’ll pass.


MSRP and what it sells for are often not the same thing. From Amazon it’s $79.99. This time around, Woot is still cheaper - and the manufacturer’s warranty is decent.

That is absolutely correct. The manufacturer suggests what the retailer should sell the item for, however the retailer can slap on any price they choose.

Oh - I got this for my ball jar lids. I hope it works out well! Might save my hands from some work.

I own one of these drill presses for almost 2 years. I bought it for the garage so that I don’t have to run to my shop (on the other side of my house) every time I need to drill an “accurate” hole.

For a drill press it’s very compact and not too heavy (about 35 lbs.) but it works just as well as the 225 lb. floor model press I have in my shop. It will drill into all kinds of wood and metal as well. Comes with a good selection of 5 speeds and it’s very easy to change speeds by repositioning drive belt.

Super buy at this price and you get a WEN warranty with it. By the way, you won’t need a warranty, as this machine is built like a tank!

If I had the power, I would bestow a Quality Post upon you, for making me feel more confident in my choice to buy this.

Where’s the moderator?

You called?

The Features call this out specifically: Includes: Drill Press, 1/2" Keyed Chuck, Chuck Key and Tools for Assembly. It’s just a joke.

Done, and he’s good for making you feel good about A LOT of tools… :slight_smile:


I’d buy 2 if he was included.

I have the next model up with variable speed and it’s a very solid product. Works fine at a very reasonable cost. The cross-hair laser beams save a lot of time.
In general I like all the WEN tools I’ve purchased: very sturdy, good performance and you can’t beat the value specially when discounted like Woot does.

If there’s only one thing I could change on this (as I have a similar one rebadged) it would be to add a micro adjustment to the table height so you could get it positioned with ease rather than having to pop the retention handle on the back, move the table, and pop it back into place.

A real deal would be one that included a bit sharpener.

I sent this to my husband to see if he was interested in buying. He apparently already has a drill press. Anyone else have a hubby with so many tools they don’t even know what they have anymore? In all fairness…I use them too :slight_smile: