WEN Bench Grinders and Stand

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WEN Bench Grinders and Stand
Price: $39.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jul 28 to Thursday, Jul 31) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page for the 6-inch grinder, 8-inch grinder and bench

about $15 cheaper than amanzon and $20 than homedepot onlone only. I’ve never seen a slow speed grinder before. You can buy a 6" Ryobi for $29.88 though. We have one at work and it works perfectly, I’ve been very impressed with it for the price.

Actually, I see it offered for $48.11 shipped by an Amazon merchant, and they kindly assure us that the item will ship “Usually within 2 to 5 weeks.” Usually. Within weeks. Unless they’re having a bad month or something, I guess.


maybe some helpful info, but my 30 years as a machinist,maybe will be helpful here ,2 things about the slow speed grinder !.the slow speed allows for a lot less heat and lengthen the time for sharpening dill bits and chisles and etc…that are heat treated in the manufacturing process so they will have a long edge life,that is the major cause of most drill bits going bad after they become dull and needs sharpening…most everyone just walks over to a grey stone high speed grinder and tries to sharpen a drill bit and it becomes very hot and the heat disapates all the way up the drill usually at least a 1/4 of an inch if not more and once it has become hot it is trash because it has lost it’s Rockwell hardness factor and it can be resharpend sure but soon as you go to use it cutting metal the drill bit is usually about the same if not softer than the metal your trying to drill through ,and it may cut for about 20 seconds and it’s dull again…so the main trick is never to get the drill bit hot period even when using it ,water water,water,not oil,water keep it cool and it will last forever and sharpen at low speeds with water and your bits will always work…also a little Tip you can take two nuts any size but ,both need to be the same size and put the two flats together and that is the perfect angle to grind a drill bit back to the most common angle drill bits …there are other types of drill angles but that’s another chapter. Lol and the white stone is a different type and grade of wheel design for harder materials ,they also make a green wheel used for sharpening carbide and real hard material hope this helps lol. Anyway I would buy the slow grinding one if I needed one, very good brand and deal in my eyes!

also if you look at most peoples stones I can usually tell that it’s all chewed up from trying to sharpen drill bits or something hard on it …the gray stones are real soft, the white stones are made totally with a different compound and are way more expensive than the gray stones. I did notice that the slow grinder does not have a light on it …but still at slower rpm and better stones on it it will last a lot longer than the other one will…but it would not be good to use if your grinding angle iron all day .the slow rpm grinder is designed to do a more precision finishing job!!hope that helps. Same theory as your dad or grandpa having one of those old grey wore out knife stones. They were great for getting it close but to put that razor edge on it they usually had a little white Arkansas smooth stones or one of those white ceramic sticks to finish it off…anyway I’ll shut up ha

what do i need for sharpening lawn mower blades?

Awesome advice, thanks

The best tool to use for sharpening lawn mower blades, knives, hatchets, chisels or any tool with a cutting edge is a 1 inch strip sander with a fine grit. When that’s finished, buffing the edge will produce a very sharp cutting tool.

Can you use different wheels on this? By that I mean can you switch out a grinding wheel for a buffing wheel or sanding drum? I am solidly in the “weekend warrior” level of skill (as my dad describes it; he sells tools for a living) and haven’t had many occasions where I just really needed a bench grinder. But I have had times when I thought it would be useful to have a buffing wheel or drum sander, and if this could serve multiple duties for a hobbyist like me it could be worthwhile.

Vendor confirms- yes you can indeed use different wheels.

i bought these in the last wave. my god these are bad lol. soo under powered. i bought two, and one never got out of the box as i was so disappointed in the power. even harbor freight was better then this.

This is actually the first time we’ve sold these. Are you sure you got this from us?

it was a wen bench grinder from woot.

Does the stand cost extra? It wouldn’t let me select the stand because it was sold out. I am just curious in case this deal pops back up on Woot again.

Bummer you missed it! I took a peek, looks like the stand was $39.99.