WEN Bench Grinders - Your Choice

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WEN Bench Grinders - Your Choice
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Time to learn all about WEN and check out the product page for the 4276 and the 4286

Can the grinding wheels be replaced?

The following is given in both WEN product descriptions: “Built with you in mind, our design makes wheel guard removal simple for easy wheel changes.” Given this, it seems the answer is “YES”…

(Does this qualify as a “quality” post? Just abt to croak to get at least one of these - despite thoughts abt woot!..)

I wonder how much torque these can heat up?

Have no idea – but the answer might be found here: www.precisiontork.com/permmagnet/heattorque/heattorque.html

Three questions, fellow woot!ers:

(1) What is motor HP of the 8-inch, slow speed, grinder?

(2) What material(s) is/are slow speed wheels made of?

(3) Warranty - WEN site lists 2 year: woot! lists 1 year. Which is correct?

Suppose this “deal” will be sold out before these ?s are answered - oh, well (thoughts - again)…

If I had the money I’d be in for one, seems like a decent deal, but one that will be back eventually.
Here is a link to when these were selling on
tools & garden.

Looks like a nice deal but I unfortunately cannot justify it since I have no benches needing grinding…

The “slow” one isn’t much slower since it has a bigger wheel. The 8" is 3665 FPM and the 6" is 5419 FPM. A true slow grinder turns much, much slower- like around 100 RPM.

Yeah, but think of all the money you could save at your manicurist…

Here’s some answers from our vendor:

  1. 0.5 HP
  2. Aluminum oxide vitrified wheels
  3. 2 years - we’ve fixed it in our specs now too!

Sometimes these cheap Chinese ones can be a pain to replace the wheels on. They are not standard sized. It took “adapting” wheels and hardware from from Sears and Harbor Fright to replace a wheel on another cheap offbrand one we used to have. Switches seem to always go bad as well.

I see wen so much I am just wondering when Wen! Woot! will be coming.

What,specifically, are these used for? And please don’t say “grinding.”

Clean or polishing tools, sharpening tools or drill bits, and smoothing surfaces.

No,no,no. Read the specifications. The 8 inch grinder is 1750 RPM, the 6 inch is 3450 RPM. Hence, FPM for the 8 inch is less than than half which is important to avoid burning cutting edges when sharpening.
EZ John

John, the FPM is the speed of the surface of the circumference of the grinding wheel.

An 8 inch wheel has a GREATER circumference.

I’m standing with the original poster’s stats!

(Doesn’t really matter, this sale is DEAD!)