WEN Dust Extractor or Filtration System

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WEN Dust Extractor or Filtration System
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Time to check out the product page for the dust extractor and the air filtration system

Very interested in the air filter… I have been using a “poor man’s” one consisting of a box fan with a nice furnace filter attached to the back (and hung from the ceiling) for years now, and it picks up a surprising amount of dust.

A few questions:

  1. How much does it weigh?
  2. Is filter availability going to be an issue, or does it use something fairly standard?
  3. Is WEN made by Grizzly? It looks an awful lot like this one:

Weighs 31 lbs

WEN product page: product page

Filter details: Uses 2 Filters inner one for particles up to 1 micron here and an outer one here for particles up to 5 microns.

Not so much made by Grizzly, but probably made by the same supplier in the same factory.

The WEN dust extractor (vacuum) at 34 pounds sucks more than you’d think.
How much does the WEN dust extractor sucks? Enough to carry a number of things…

See for yourself how much it sucks:
does it suck?


Price wise these items do NOT suck. The filter and the dust collection each sell for about $150 in Amazon.

Reviews wise not many but The filtering system seems to be the clone of the FOX system here, selling for $212 and getting a lot of reviews (average 4 stars).

The FOX filters look identical (see on above link for the FOX unit under “frequently bought together”). The inner one branded FOX is $1 more than at WEN but the exterior one is $7 less.

This is probably a very dumb question but are these only for workshops? Can it be used in a house at all?

I was actually wondering the same thing… for use in an apartment in NYC.

The unit weighs 34.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 17 x 20.5 x 10 inches
Item model number 3410

There are two filters, inner and outer, each $10 at wenproducts.com

Don’t know if they can be purchased locally.

“The Dust Extractor sucks down terror like a ghost-hunter-slash-Frankenstein-chaser.”

Okay, that’s all fine and dandy, but how about Woot adds at least one sentence about what this thing really is, and what it does?

These dust collectors and filters are primarily for use in the workshop; the dust extractor will collect sanding and sawing dust from wood shop power tools (table saws, routing tables, drum/belt sanders, etc.) through a piped connection into a bin that can be emptied.

The box filter will collect airborne dust by pulling the air through replaceable (some are cleanable) filters and passing the filtered air out the other end. Neither of these types of units are designed to filter the types of dust/spores from a living environment, and would likely be annoyingly loud.

You shouldn’t need anything beyond the specs for these. If you don’t know exactly what they are just looking at them, you very likely don’t need them. :wink:

That’s good filtration. Anything above 5 will make you cough your guts out for days. Trust me on that.

These are loud. They are only for wood shops.

Recently built an awesome garage and also got into building my own cabinets and furniture. Couple questions.

Right now I use a big ShopVac on my saws though honestly I normally just go cut on the driveway in front of the garage. I still get dust everywhere. So the Q’s are, is a dedicated system going to give me better results? I cannot pick up a stool with my ShopVac, so perhaps it doesn’t suck enough. I also end up with transient dust on everything in the shop. Will the filter setup help with that dust?

I guess if you wanted the ultimate in workshops, you’d have to get both, as even with the dust extractor, you must still get some dust.

This comes at an appropriate time, as I just spent yesterday cleaning up dust from my chop saw and table saw. It’s amazing how much dust these things generate, and how the dust goes everywhere.

If you are working ( sawing, planing, sanding) wood, your lungs need protection. The air filtration specs say it will pick up 1-5 microns. Unfortunately much finer wood dust floats around a wood shop, and can lead to health problems. The filtration is better than nothing, but to be safe, some precaution against the smaller particles is needed.
Some well-researched reading here: http://billpentz.com/woodworking/cyclone/introduction.cfm

Please keep in mind that this dust “extractor” is small… it is only 108 CFM. It is most certainly a step above (many) shop vacs, but still far below even the cheaper full sized dust collectors (500-1100 CFM).

It is for small tools, with low dust production rates. It is mostly useful for containing most of the mess, but it will not do an effective job eliminating dust in the air.