WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage

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WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage
Price: $259.99 - 699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days (Tuesday, Jul 08 to Wednesday, Jul 09) + transit
Condition: New


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Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) on the 9000 and even better reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the 3500 over at homedepot.com


Check out the product page for the 3500 and the 9000

We were just brushed with a powerful hurricane that was quick moving and didn’t create much of a problem, as it did not linger. We were lucky! But mother nature may not be too easy on us next time…and there will be a next time.

So here is your opportunity to get a good generator at a more than fair price. In deciding which one to buy, first ask yourself which circuits or what appliances you would like to have during an outage. Most of us would be happy with enough power to operate a sump pump, fridge, freezer, TVs, computer, radio, lights and microwave. One of the larger units will provide enough power.

I own the largest unit shown here with the 420cc engine and it allows me and my family most of the comforts of home. By the way, many of the options which are standard with this unit (battery and wheel kit) are all inclusive with the Wen price. I had to pay extra for mine. Finally, this unit has an automatic low oil shut down circuit, which is a very nice thing to have with your generator. In the event that the engine runs low on motor oil, it shuts itself down. You then simply add oil, press the circuit button and start it up again.

Caveat emptor: these engines are essentially Chinese dupes of other name-brand engines. Both parts and service will be near impossible to find locally, as most reputable shops won’t work on these. That’s fine if you’re mechanical and don’t mind waiting for parts to ship. But eventually the ethanol-laden pump field you leave in the tank by accident will take its toll on your carburetor, lines, and maybe even your valves. Stay up on your maintenance, and don’t leave fuel to rot in the machine, or you’ll be regretting your purchase when you need it most!

Grrr… just purchased a Troybilt XP7000 at a big box store 2 weeks ago. Not sure they will take it back but the 9000 seems like a good deal.

Don’t regret your purchase of the Troybilt.

I’ve owned that model/brand for two years…
Replaced a commercial ( more expensive)
Generac with it…
My preference, by far, is the Troybilt. It is a very good generator.

I will buy one of these units today as a loaner

It is true that these generators are powered by Chinese manufactured “clones” of Honda engines. However, millions of these generators have already been sold in this country and many more millions throughout the world. By now, the Chinese have perfected their techniques to the point where they are coming off the line as a product which is as good as or even surpasses the original.

Regarding parts for these machines…

In the beginning parts were difficult to get but that has changed and is still changing for the better. Wen stocks parts and you can order your needs there. Another thing which has changed is that those parts which are negatively affected by ethanol (usually gaskets, O-rings and other sealing parts) are being manufactured with compositions which are resistant to ethanol. More owners have been educated to the ill effects of leaving fuel to decompose in the generators tank and engines lines by shutting off the gas valve and burning any residual fuel in the carburetor bowl. Moreover, products like “Stable” are being used, which increases the shelf life of gasoline by months.

Finally, we are the benefactor of these Chinese built generators. The savings which we realize are HUGE! A generator such as the Wen model which sells here for $699, would cost 3 to 4 times more if made by an American or European company.

As the original poster wrote,“Stay up on your maintenance, and don’t leave fuel to rot in the machine.” Observing this simple rule will allow you many trouble free years of operation regardless of the products country of origin.