WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage

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WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage
Price: $289.99 - 749.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jan 28 to Thursday, Jan 29) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page for model 56400 and model 56475

Time to learn all about Wen

Yup… these generators are not CARB compliant, so not for California. Does anything think it’s just coincidence that Woot would sell generators just as the Northeast is about to be socked with MegaSnowStorm?

Looks like Woot marketing department is on the ball.

Product Page for the 9000 watt
4.5 Stars on the 9000 watt over at Amazon

I bought the 4050 watt model here last year
as a back up to my back up generator.

I’m a belt and suspenders kind of guy.

Have been impressed with the unit. I run it under load for a half hour every month.

No issues.

Am glad to know WEN is a real company with a real presence in the U.S.

I bought a wheel kit and cover from them and,
both times, dealt with a real human on the phone.

They also sell spare parts…In my experience,
that’s not the case with many other brands.

I am comfortable recommending WEN generators.

the 9000 images show a pull cord start but says it’s a battery start???

Yea, the front shows the switch with the start position as well as on/off. Wouldn’t it suck if the electric start was having a problem and there was no backup? Electric start lawnmowers usually have a pull start as well. i imagine that most engines in this class are made with a pull start from the factory and then the final assembler can put an electric start on it if they want for a lawnmower or generator or whatever.

Buy one and tow it behind your Nissan Leaf!

I wonder if that would work… 9000 watts is around 12 hp.

Well the guys on Top Gear did something similiar. An electric car with a diesel generator to charge the batteries as they drove along. It went well.

I bought a very similar (if not identical but rebranded) 4,000W generator from Amazon in 2012. I’ve used it a few times for testing, but luckily haven’t had to use it for power outages.

I chose the model because I needed something to power my sump pump, fridge, and freezer in the case of a power outage.

I have a 1,000W inverter generator for camping that obviously couldn’t handle that type of load so I chose this one. I can say that it works as advertised, it handles the surge of my sump pump no problem, and handles the surge of my fridge and freezer compressors without breaking a sweat.

At $289 + $5 shipping this is still a good deal if you need a generator.

I bought the 9,000 Watt model last time and I’m very happy with it. Had the fridge, PC’s/router, TV and lights hooked up for an 11-hour period and it ran great. I clipped a small light right on the generator that I can turn on at night if I need to check the fuel…better than trying to struggle with a flashlight in one hand.

Bought a WEN just in case and this past summer had a downfall w/out power and it ran 2 sumps pretty much cycling every 20 seconds with no problems. This is a must have for every house.

bought the 9K watt Nov. 2013 and finally used it. works great. start it about every 2 weeks. not too loud either.

Umm, so the description of the 4750 says:

CARB & EPA III meet requirements for sale in all 50 states

but the overall description says they are not CARB compliant.

Hey there- apparently that one is CARB compliant, we’ll be changing the wording to better reflect that since that is indeed confusing.

If you are careful, and know what you are doing, or have a friend that does, you can cheat and use the 9K as a genset to feed a house.

Think about a reverse range plug.

VERY, VERY important – do not think about it if you are not sure you know what is going on in the process, like the main breaker operation.

But it really does work…

Don’t even suggest it to people. Have them get an electrician to install a interlocking kit. http://www.interlockkit.com/

What’s the best way to calculate my generator needs in an outage?

I looking to keep the basics going (fridge, freezer, sump) in addition to lights and misc other stuff, but is there some calculations that I can do to see exactly what I can power with each of these models?

Edit: Also, are there surges/draws (I don’t know what to call them) when something kicks on like a sump pump to take into consideration?

Sorry, I really know nothing about generators…