WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage

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WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage
Price: $269.99 - 719.99
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Time to learn all about WEN and don’t forget, safety first!

I wish you’d get Propane powered generators. When Sandy hit they had no gas because the stations has no power and it was a mess. But you could get a tank of propane with no problem.

I purchased the 9000 watt unit back when Woot first had them around Christmas 2013. Absolutely worth ever penny! One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Solid machine and super clean power. The phase stabilizes much more quickly on this machine when adding new items to power over another generator I used in the past.

If you are planning on using the onboard battery for push button starting instead of pulling the cord, spend an extra $20.00 and get a battery minder. It hooks up to the battery and does a monitored trickle charge to keep the battery fully charged without overloading or damaging it.

Bottom line…if you need a generator, purchase this one. Great quality at an awesome price!

The 56400, does it come with a wheel kit? Features and pictures say no, specs say yes.

Does it have a digital hour meter? The features says it does but the model in the pic doesn’t have it.

I assume these are made in China so I wonder how they stack up to the generators sold at Harbor Freight.

Convert it to Gas, Natural Gas or propane! Cost Approx. $100.00

Most are Chonda’s! Honda clones most likely all made at the same plant with different paint and name stamp!

Wen is better as far is the 56400 is concerned.
Fist of all, with the HF gens, you get dedicated plugs for 220v and 110v. So the highest amps you can get for one 120v plug is 15 amps.
This is because all of these type of gens split the 110vac current between the 120v plugs. So each 120v plug provides a maximum of 2000 watts so their breakers are usually 10-15 amps

Most larger tools need 20a, So the HF is no good because you can only get the full power from the single 220v outlet.

THE WEN HOWEVER, has voltage selector switch. SO, u can use 220v on the larger circuit. Or you can use full 110v power. Both from the dedicated outlet.

On both the wen and HF, The two 110v outlets however, are always 120v and each one ONLY provides half the rated output.

This is why I would say that the wen 4kw gen is better than the HF predator 4kw gen.

I bought the 9000 also, about a year ago. I can run my entire home, except dual watt water heater (9000w) and electric stove. Its 1600 sq ft, I run my well, furnace, all lights, tvs, etc…still has plenty of power left. in sub zero temps, its difficult to start …but it will…runs about 10 hours on a tank…

Michael - Any info on best kits to do this, what to look out for, etc.?

This looks like a good kit to convert WEN generators to tri-fuel adding Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.