WEN Portable Clamping Saw Horse Workbench

WEN Portable Clamping Saw Horse Workbench

I have wanted one of these all year. There are several different branded ones, likely all made by the same Chinese factory. They are likely all the same. This is a good price, not the best price ever. BF broke my tool budget so I might have to wait on this. I’m glad Woot got them

I bought one today. I’ve been setting up on the concrete driveway trying to do stuff with a block of wood and clamps. This should vastly improve that ridiculous set-up.
Maybe not the best price ever but seems to be about $25 less than "Mother Ship"and Big Box DIY stores.


you can get one that I think is built better then this one for the same price everyday at Direct Tools Factory Outlet plust they run them on sell for around $20 less. If you don’t have a store near you I think shipping is only $7. Direct Tools Outlet Site I lucked up and got mine on sale plus with the optional attachment that allowed the jaws to open up to over 48’’ which seems like a pretty good thing to have to be able to clamp 4x8 sheets of plywood

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Thanks for the heads up. I went there and found the same table by a different brand. I imagine there are several brands but they are all made at the same factory in China. It was $99.99. No mention of the amenities you received to expand clamping to 48" Guess you have to keep checking back to see what deals they may offer.

Yes …I lucked up when I got the 48’’ extensions. If you would need them I would think all the brands would offer that option. It’ just a piece of steel that slides onto the top rail…not much to it. So for , everything I have used the Clamping Saw Horse for , I did not need the extension. I use the Clamping Saw Horse every time I take the 3 blades off of my Zero Turn Mower. So easy to clip the blade in place while I sharpen them…just takes one pump with my foot in the stirrup to clamp in in place and the same to take the pressure off the clamping jaws to release the blade. And I really like the way they fold-up so small and compact. I have a place where I can just lean them in the corner out of the way. I keep 2 of them there.