WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity

A single perfect review can be found over at homedepot.com

This is a good price…if you don’t live near Harbor Freight…

This is a good price even if you do live near a Harbor Freight. Their carbon copy, item #69443, is a hundred dollars. You’d have to do some crafty couponing (yeah I just made that up) to get down to seventy dollars.

Who on earth names a company after the wart-like growths found on (old-timey) witches’ faces?

Wish this had the air tube tires. I’d use this to move gardening stuff from the garage to the backyard if it did. Those narrow wheels would dig too much into the yard. Great price however.

Oh yea…yet another shelving/cart unit…

If by “crafty couponing” you mean taking 2 minutes to do a google search, then by all means order from woot and wait 2+ weeks for this to arrive. HF has these in stock and with the 25 off coupon it’s the same price as woot factoring in shipping. HF even has the 24"x36" version for only $10 more.

Sorry Woot, still no deal.

Is there a country of origin?
Since it’s not listed, I’m forced to assume it’s made in China.
Amazon, Home Depot and even www.wenproducts.com turns up moot (instead of woot! Get it?!)

This is important to me.

Some folks are hard to please. I think that Woot deserves some credit here, rather than aggravation.

First of all, it does NOT take 2+ weeks for an item to get to you. I’ve purchased hundreds of items from woot and turn around time has NEVER been a problem. I’ve often received merchandise from woot the same week I ordered it. I don’t know how they do it, but kudos to woot…they do. Finally they are sending you a rather large and heavy box and it costs you only 5 bucks.

I suspect this is the Amazon acquisition at work. Before Amazon acquired Woot, you could sometimes wait forever for the product to even ship. Then, once it shipped, it seemed to take forever to arrive. Amazon has invested heavily in the ability to get products out the door. I’m convinced that the quicker Woot ship times and speed are a result of Amazon’s investments in shipping ability.

Wow, lots of people ** pontificating from their posteriors, **about Harbor Freight’s coupons.

All HF coupons have disclaimers. At least for the past dozen years or so, all HF coupon disclaimers exclude use on carts.

So unless you can wheedle an employee into risking their job, if it’s a cart, it’s at sticker price.


Checked in with the buyer- these are indeed made in China.

These usually mean the tool carts. (Example: http://www.harborfreight.com/30-in-5-drawer-704-lb-capacity-glossy-red-tool-cart-61427.html) The big metal ones with 5+ drawers. Their register system blocks coupons that can not be used with certain items, so the employees are pretty safe. People have purchased them with the Easter 25% off coupon (same disclaimer) as discussed at http://slickdeals.net/f/1276399-harbor-freight-coupon-thread

I ordered this on Thursday May 8th 2014.
To my delight, it was delivered on Sat May 10th 2014, by Fed Ex
So why is it that today Tuesday May 13th 2014 Woot still shows “Order Status- Shipping Now” with NO Tracking Information ?

It’s likely our vendor has just still not sent us the tracking file, but I’m glad you got it!