WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity

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WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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Any chance I can get this by tomorrow? I am going to need this for all my food at the Texas State Fair on Saturday!

I would totally love one of these for use in my home to hold all my cleaners and trash liners, buckets and brushes, etc. and roll it room-to-room, cleaning like a mad woman and shouting, “HOUSE-KEEPING, HOUSE-KEEPING!!!”

here are some Amazon Reviews

Ha hahahaha haha! :slight_smile: But for reals, have fun!

330 adult hedgehogs eh ? that african or European ?


We bought one of these the last time around and my husband uses it all the time in his shop. Loves it. It’ll even hold a grandkid - but only on the bottom shelf!

Putting a kid on the bottom shelf could be really dangerous. They could tip the cart over and break the handle or something.

I bought this cart last time it was Wooted. It assembled easily and is quite convenient for moving things around my arcade. The only problem I have with it is the wheels - it should have 4 swivel wheels not just the two. I’m always having to shove the cart in the direction I want it to go.

Any chance you can post a picture? I’m just starting out my arcade (mainly pinball) and was thinking it would be great to store parts, bulbs, etc on from machine to machine.

I’ve owned one of these carts for about 2 years now. It’s stronger than steel but not nearly as heavy. I paid $89.99 for it and the cart has paid me back every penny with interest. I’ve found dozens of uses for it and it has never failed. I once wheeled a V8 short block from my shop to my waiting boat (about 200 feet) without any problem.

Finally, the price is really a good one! Just can’t say enough good things about it.

Agreed about the wheels. Having said that, I pushed book carts around libraries for years. Many of them only have two wheels. As long as the turning wheels are in the right spot (which appears to be NOT the spot where the instructions tell you to put them), it’s all good. I’ve been too lazy to switch the wheels, so I pull, rather than push the cart.

Still, I LOVE this cart! I use it to take care of “the litter box situation” carting 40 pounds of cat litter, scoopers, a stick vacuum etc… plus CATS from room to room to clean the litter boxes scattered around the house.

The perfect tool for the aspiring Dexter… capable of hauling bodies to the boat and water proof to allow for a good cleaning after your work is done.

I may have to get one of these now, for my Halloween presentation.

Wait wait, if I click “add to cart” will all the stuff in my cart appear in the picture?

The swivel wheels are best mounted at the handle end of the cart, as that’s the end you push or pull from. I also own one of these carts and once decided to give the cart better control, so I bought another set of swivel wheels and mounted them at the other end. When I finished I had 4 swivel wheels instead of just two. VERY BIG MISTAKE! Doing so gave the cart a mind of its own…it steered only where it wanted to go and I had very little control. I changed the wheels back immediately and haven’t touched them since.

As a mortician: In for 3!

I recently purchased/using a cart like this for hauling IT equipment. I also installed the swivel wheels on the handle side on the cart, as per the assembly instructions.
Seems wrong to me…
Why do supermarket shopping carts have them at the front of the cart and not by the handle.