WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity

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WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Dec 09 to Friday, Dec 12) + transit
Condition: New


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How portable is this thing? Like could I disassemble it, stick it in the trunk of my car, and reassemble it on-site?

Sorry, no you can’t disassemble it. It’s actually molded at the factory in one piece. Besides, you would need a crew something like the one in the video except twice as many people with hi-teck saws to cut it apart. Once you have it cut down to little pieces, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will never put it back together again.

If you need to transport it, use a truck or a van or a length of rope if all you have is a small car. Just tie one end of the rope to the service cart and the other end to your bumper and you’re good to go. If it tips off it’s wheels during the journey, don’t worry…you can’t damage it anyway.


Refer to page 5.

(And FYI, his information is as useless as the last time this item was up for sale.)


Now let’s talk about the price…

Our friends at HFT sell the exact same service cart at any one of their 500 plus stores nation wide. Only problem is that the cost is $99.99. If you don’t have a store near you and want them to ship it to your home, get ready to spend a lot more than 5 bucks for that service.

You may find this on sale a few times a year, but I NEVER saw the sale price compete with the $70 price you get right here. Or you can use an off coupon (if available) but still no cigar, as the price is still higher. Just keeping you informed.

Finally, here is something you can do with this cart that you probably never thought of…

I built a 4 drawer, simple box drawer cabinet for the top shelf. The bottom shelf I use for tools required for the job I need to do. You can fit a lot of stuff into four huge drawers for very little cash outlay.

You caught me…you are correct.

I bought my service cart from HFT and it was fully assembled. They used it in the store to stock shelves and it was a little beat up. I paid only $25 for it.

You could, I would take some time i guess. just remember where all the parts go, SAVE you list to dble check when you do. I love this cart, and i put it together my self. Use it at the BBQ area. Also used it as a portable bar out side…and now it sits by the living room South window with my Winter Herb pots in it growing nicely.

4.3 Stars over at Amazon

Northern Tool” has this same cart on sale very frequently for the same price without the shipping charge if you pick it up at the store. It’s usually in stock at the stores.

Only marginally - it would take a while to put together unless you replaced the fasteners with something faster. Also alignment of the posts, and putting the handle in require a bit of patience…IMHO it wouldn’t be worth it for most situations.

That said, these rock - I got a few for use at work and have wound up using them for everything imaginable. Sturdy, unobtrusive and well-made.

Disassembly and assembly are fairly easy. Putting together the cart takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Great carts I bought four here last time I use them for welder, when working on the cars, miter saw stand etc. Good price not hard to put together, just read instructions and use some Vaseline on plastic legs & handle when putting it together it makes it easy, also cordless drill & ratchet & rubber mallet make assembly a 10 minute job.

I’m ordering my second one of these. I love the first one I bought and use it all the time around the garage. This second one will be dedicated to tools. It’s a great deal.

Mine went together easily without any lubricant at all.

I did notice part way through the assembly that the item had been dropped hard during shipping and cracked the edge of the top tray. A little cyanoacrylate in the crack and a clamp took care of the problem. Inspect your item (FedEx just put mine at the end of the garage) if possible and be aware.

The cart itself is great and working as designed.