WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity



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WEN Service Cart 500lb Capacity
Price: $74.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 19 to Tuesday, Oct 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at HomeDepot.com


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I purchased this cart several months ago. It is easy to assemble and super sturdy. I use it for moving things, including groceries for my elderly mother.


Bought this here in Sept. 2014 for 69.99 plus 5.00 shipping.
Love it.


I bought one last month and wondered why I did not buy one sooner. Assembly was very easy - just be sure to follow the directions and pre-fit the legs for the correct orientation. I keep my toolboxes and various power tools on this cart at the ready for any repairs around the house. The built-in tray with the small compartments in the handle is very handy - you can keep screws and other parts organized while disassembling whatever you are repairing. I replaced all of the outdoor light fixtures around my house last weekend. It was so nice to just roll the cart to each location with my tools and get to work. No more lugging around my toolboxes and making multiple trips. It is narrow enough to get through any doorway. This is quickly becoming my favorite and most useful woot purchase.


Simply put - at this price, these are a great value. Surprisingly well constructed, durable and hugely useful.


I bought one, loved it so much I bought a second one the next time they came up. You can’t go wrong on these.


You took the words right out of my keyboard…Also, I recommend using dish washing soap to lubricate the joints during assembly.


Woot, come on. I want to buy my 4 year old daughter the woot shirt today, but in order to get it in her little size I have to buy the better brand T. Then, you want 5 bucks to ship the little thing. $15 for a little girls T-shirt? Ok, I get it, so maybe I’ll buy something else so the shipping doesn’t sting so much…oh…everything you have is worthless to me. I already bought pots and pans from you. I have a TV. A microphone? videogame glasses? A CART??? Come on WOOT!! You used to at least have stuff worth owning. All I want is a little shirt with the star wars kitties on it. :frowning: :frowning:


i’ve gotten several of these, in today for 2 more. they are very sturdy and durable

in my business we go through most carts in about half a year, maybe a full year.

these last twice as long. it’s NOT indestructible, but bang for the buck can’t be beat