WEN Shop Tools

Just checking, the jig saw does NOT come with blades, correct?

About that pole saw…I know next to nothing about these things. Is this the type of thing that’s good for trimming an ornamental pear tree that’s rubbing against the house gutters?

Does the drill kit come with the bits? They are in the picture, but not listed in the specs?


Jig Saw: Comes with 2 blades

18V Drill: Comes with bits. You can see the bits in the 2nd photo in the photo gallery.

Now, go buy 3!

I don’t know Wen…yesterday?

These are better for larger tree limbs. It’ll certainly work for the trim work you describe but might be overkill. If it were up against my home I’d get a set of smaller electrical trimmers and get up on a ladder to cut it do the limbs don’t hit the house.

I know Wen, so “where” is more important to me.

Thank you :slight_smile: Overkill is our middle name. (I’ll take the accompanying stories to my grave :smiley: ) In for one - I think we actually do have other uses for it.

While I cannot speak to the quality of all of their products, I did purchase a brad nailer made by WEN a couple of years ago. It’s great. I’ve put about 3000 nails through it and have never had a single issue with it. It rivals my Dewalt.

If any of their other tools are near the quality and performance of their brad nailer, then I’d say it’s a solid thumbs up from me.

I’m more concerned with “why”…

Decent prices on tools for occasional use by a homeowner.

These same tools have been up so may times I get sick of looking at them. My same comments apply:

Most of these tools are the same exact thing that you can find at Harbor Freight. They are just different color and brand, with a few slight changes to the plastic and accent features. Using a readily available 25% off coupon, you can get these tools much cheaper.