WEN Sliding Compound Miter Saw

FWIW the general sale price of the HF slider appears to be $120. The non-slider regularly sells for $89, although HF do have a ‘20% off a single item’ coupon going at the moment.

Edit to add: HF coupons currently have the $120 saw at $89.99 - good through 4/30, so yeah, nevermind.

I bought the Dual Bevel version with the laser about a year ago and love the saw. Was hesitant at first but the saw has been great. I’ve remodeled our bathroom and used it for Trim, cut around 300 sq ft of laminate and molding, and built a table with it.

Is this made in America?

Never mind. I guess is a stupid question!

Couldn’t agree more. I miss the old Woot that had great deals. Now woot sells garbage at prices that are entirely too high!!!

A couple differences between the woot WEN model and the Harbor Freight (Chicago Electric Power Tools) model:

WEN – comes with blade
Harbor Freight – no blade

WEN – 5500 RPM
Harbor Freight – 5000 RPM

WEN – 2-year warranty
Harbor Freight – 90-day warranty

WEN – $5 shipping
Harbor Freight – if you don’t have a store near you, shipping probably higher; however, returning it to a nearby store beats the heck out of shipping something like this back to the manufacturer

WEN – carried by Home Depot, Walmart, Sears; you might be able to see one before you purchase
Harbor Freight – maybe see one in a nearby HF store? Closest one to me doesn’t have a floor model to look at.

I’m not familiar with either brand, so I would base a purchase decision on these types of product differences, along with any product reviews (expert and consumer) I might find, and previous brand experience, if any, I might have.

Got this when it was on here for $99 a few weeks ago. I used it for some light woodworking, as well as putting up a new privacy fence and it’s done great.

And if you can’t use a miter saw without a laser, you should take some shop classes. It’s super easy to line up a cut with just the blade by lowering the blade while it’s not spinning…

$120 for a miter saw that will handle everything from 4x4s to 2x10s is pretty damn cheap.

I have a competitor’s version with a laser. Lasers are notoriously inaccurate, despite all adjustments. As mentioned the most accurate cuts come with first lowering the blade down without power on a pencil line and when set apply power.

+1 for lasers being overrated. Just use your eyes people it’s really not that hard. This is a pretty solid price for this product – if I didn’t already have a non-sliding compound miter I’d pick this up in a heartbeat. I’d love to have a sliding compound miter but given the fact that I already have a non-sliding one it’s low on my priority list (I want a good table saw first).

I too bought this the last time it was on here. I’ve used the heck out of it since then, building a workbench, a laundry platform, and a hockey puck launcher for my daughter, and not a single issue. I find it a great saw.

To be clear - when I cut 4x4s, I had to flip them to complete the cut. The depth of the saw was just shy of being able to go through in one pass.

I’d love a brand new miter saw that has that feature - I guess - but I’ve been using the same one without for over a decade and a half. Works fine.
If someone needs something for daily work or serious home use - why would they even consider a 120 dollar one in the first place?
The complaining on these comment sections is downright hilarious sometimes.
“I’m complaining about a web site that I voluntarily visit on a daily basis not always catering to my every need! That’s my right as an American!”

Amen to that. I just used my old Dewalt 12" miter saw this weekend. A tape measure, a steel square and an x-acto knife to mark the cut line on 2x6 boards.

Much more accurate than a laser…