WEN Storage Solutions

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WEN Storage Solutions
Price: $69.99 - 249.99
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Ummm…dimensions would be helpful. I know that the depth is provided, but one out of three is bad. Width? Height?

If one wanted to buy all three of these cabinets, top, intermediate and bottom, is it necessary to make out 3 orders? The site only allows you to make one order at a time. If this is true, will we be charged seperate shipping fees for each of the 3 orders? Finally, the total cost for all three cabinets is $430…$70 for top, $110 for intermediate and $250 for bottom…right?

The 26" in the title is the width.
The depth of each is listed in the Features tab:
18.3" for the bottom cabinet
12.4" for each of the top chests

order everything on the site… it all ships for $5 flat rate. So add each to your cart and pay $5 shipping at checkout, not $15.

Husband is an airplane mechanic (A&P). Our anniversary is Sunday.

Would the top piece be sufficient for carrying between jobs?

He’s been looking for a tool chest and I’m a bad wife and don’t always pay attention to the ones he’s looking at.


No in my opinion. No one wants to use two hands to lug around your toolbox from job to job. Get one with a handle on the top. Craftsman has a bunch on the sears site.

I would agree with this. If he just had it in the back of a truck and drive up to the plane, it might work for that, but he wouldn’t want to lug that around, also not sure how accurate it is, but Amazon lists Item Weight 53.9 pounds The weight of the units lends itself to a purchasing decision IMO, not sure why it isn’t listed.

Likewise I suppose that answers my question about the thickness of the box. It is a mountable only unit IMO, not a carry around toolbox. Was trying to compare this to the Craftsman set I got from Kmart for half the price and that is why.


Most folks that I know who hold an A&P swear by the Pelican 0450 tool chest/case. But since it’s Pelican, be prepared to spend some $$$ on it…

Thanks. I’m waiting to hear back from him if the bottom piece would be more sufficient. Rolling from plane to plane via the handle.

He’s only just starting out in his career, so we can’t afford the big guns yet. But one day… when our ship comes in.

Got a link or something you can send to me? Maybe it’ll be something to work toward?

Hubs swears by Snap On… But I can’t drop $2k on a tool chest right now.


Also note that this is the case to take from plane to plane so it’s going to have the basic tools that should, hopefully all be tagged/accounted for in one case.

Larger jobs require larger tools and the larger tool boxes to accommodate those tagged tools would typically be located inside a hangar somewhere so the distances they would need to roll would be minimal, if at all.

Thanks iissurf!

Happy Anniversary!

Reviews on the intermediate chest from Amazon

Disappointed…I have been using woot for years now and have ordered probably over a thousand dollars worth of stuff. Love it. Today though kinda disappointed, I use the woot app on Android and seen this tool chest. Ad. said 69.00 and in box description said your choice and showed one of three peices, top, middle or bottom drawer. Only After attempting to order the bottom peice i notice its 249.00. :frowning: kinda felt bait and switched…shame on you woot. Still love yall though but fix that ad.

Sashabell51, if your husband is in the market for a large tool chest storage solution for the $ have him look at these tool chest at Harbor Freight. I have worked at a motorcycle dealership for 22 years and I am not a mechanic but I purchased the 44" matching set for my home garage. One of the H-D techs has the same HF units I have. Your husband is right Snap On is the holy grail of hand tools but so very expensive. Most Harbor Freight items are not great tools that I would recommend unless you needed a one time tool for the job; however, i searched and searched for tool chest before I purchased mine… IMHO you can’t beat this set for the $ http://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage/tool-chests-roller-cabinets/44-in-13-drawer-glossy-red-industrial-roller-cabinet-68784.html
That is just the bottom roller chest and you can add the top chest, side chest and cabinet as needed. If you wanted to start with a smaller less expensive set you could go with the 26" set >>> http://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage/tool-chests-roller-cabinets/26-in-16-drawer-glossy-red-roller-cabinet-combo-67831.html

The next best bang for the buck in tool storage I found was at Northern Tool, Homak’s tool storage >>> http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/NTESearch?storeId=6970&catalogId=11652&langId=-1&pageSize=12&beginIndex=0&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&pageView=image&N=0&ipp=24&Ntt=homak%20tool%20storage&searchTerm=homak%20tool%20storage&Ntk=All&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Ns=P-SalesRank|1

I think I have $1,040 in all 4 pieces of the 44" US General set from Harbor Freight and they seem to be every bit as good as the Craftsman tool storage boxes (non-professional models)

Hope this helps.

You can put 100 pounds in it, but good luck closing it.