WEN Vortex Professional 6-Inch Polisher

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WEN Vortex Professional 6-Inch Polisher
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Time to check out the product page

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I posted the product page before Conan. He usually posts his signature, then later posts his link…guess I’m tattling!

LMmfAO at the dude’s hairdoo in that video.

What is with the hair?

this reminds me that i need a mani-pedi.

Would this work???

How well does this work on turds?

It looks like he used the buffer on his head.

Hair jokes aside…I am not sure of the “deal” with this buffer. As a 20+ year professional auto detailer. I would recommend stepping up to the porter cable 7424 that this is based on. http://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-7424XP-6-Inch-Variable-Speed-Polisher/dp/B002654I46 it will cost a bit more but its the original dual action buffer that All the others copied. Its quiet, stable, very durable and great for the home detailer or hobbiest detailer.

Or if you want cheap. Try the harbor frieght buffer that looks very similar to this, minus the handle. http://www.harborfreight.com/6-in-variable-speed-dual-action-polisher-69924.html The HF model can be had for $50 couple times a month. Its louder than the porter cable and its gears sound like they are grinding, but it does replicate the porter cable on the cheap. Which based on the video for the Wen deal above. Sounds and looks similar.

No matter what you buy. These dual action buffers are great to fix minor stuff with your cars paint. Heavy scratches will require more muscle than these units can provide. But 95% of car paint issues can be dealt with using these buffers, clay bar, decent polish, and a coat of wax.

Just curious why the PC one is better. This one has slightly higher amps and has a more variable speed motor.


The PC also has a 3 year warranty, just saying…

How well does this work on knobs?

I just don’t understand why a guy like me, who owns 3 cars (including my wife’s car) needs a sophisticated polisher such as this one? Particularly when I already own a Wen polisher for the past 15 or 20 years and it works just fine.

After all, the people who make automobile paints have not just been sitting on their duffs for the past 100 years. They have developed some very elaborate finishes for your car which don’t just add color to your buggy, but rather a modern finishing material which protects your car and does not require the same attention as your grandfather’s Chevy.

A good automobile finish today costs about as much as my 1965 Mustang when I bought it brand new. Today’s automobile finishing material is the result of many years of research by some huge and powerful companies in their quest to produce an auto finish which will resist the elements and stay beautiful longer than the hair stays on your head. All they require is an occasional trip to the car wash and maybe some wax every few years.

So someone in the know…please educate me. Even the manufacturer of my car tells me that I need only a to wash my car regularly. So why do I need this PROFESSIONAL polisher?

As long as your paint is in good condition and you have no need to wax the car you probably don’t need one. I need one because the ghetto van (1990 grand caravan with more than 200,000 miles - no they aren’t designed for that but until my go fund me is fully funded - no idea how to get that to go viral - and my medical disaster paid for I am stuck with it) desperately needs a paint job and I am only ‘patching’ the peeling paint with rustolium spray paint.

I need one to put protective fiberglass wax on my ancient fiberglass camping trailer. Way the heck easier to buff it with something like this than to use elbow grease.

Of course you need to be careful using a buffer as you can leave buff marks, buff through the paint…

To the layman, as long as a car’s paint is clean and shiny, it looks good. But to a detailer (or fussy owner), when they look at paint, they look for swirls and scratches, which even today’s “high tech” paint can acquire quite easily…all it takes is a run through a traditional automatic car wash.

If you’re fine with scratches (which are difficult to see on light colored cars but very apparent in dark colors), you don’t need a polisher. But if you want the paint to really shine (because scratches diffuse reflections which in turn means dullness), and if your vehicles paint has swirls and scratches, the only way to remove them is with a polisher.

Alternatively, you can use a wax or glaze which has fillers that will temporarily fill the scratches, but once that wears off, the scratches will be visible again.