WEN Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Accessories

WEN Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Accessories

Not seeing anywhere how many horse power this is. Flipped through the manual as well. Am I missing it?

Lowe’s web page states 5.5HP.

This one’s a dual go getter. The specs state a 10-amp motor, a 5-foot dust hose, 2 extension tubes, a 5 gallon tank, 1 utility nozzle, 1 crevice nozzle, and a 2 year warranty.

My question, what’s a micron??

Measurement: one millionth of a meter.

$55 at home depot so 10% off, not really much of a deal. I think a micron is a computer memory chip maker, so if you are cleaning a motherboard this won’t suck up your ram.

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Said right in the discription 3micron. It’s a “True HEPA” filter.