Wenger SwissGear Rival Notebook Backpack



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Wenger GA-7308-06F00 SwissGear Rival Notebook Backpack
condition: New

$19.99 + $5 shipping


What size notebook does this backpack fit? 17 inch?


Looks like a great backpack for today’s woot micro computer.





SwissGear makes great backpacks. If I didn’t buy one a month ago I’d be all over this.

edit: and echoing what the guy below me said.


Well I don’t have this exact model, but I absolutely love my swiss gear backpack. I am a college student and frequently carry my laptop and like 50 pounds of books on my back for long distances, and my swiss is by far the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever used. If I didn’t own the one I have, I’d buy this in a snap. Too bad I spent $80 on mine though…


Just got a notebook backpack and love it… not sure about this one, but notebook backpacks rock! Much better than in a suitcase or a bag.


i think if i bought this it would be an excellent excuse to buy a nice laptop


The Swiss computer bags are usually pretty good. We just bought a bunch of them at work for some new employees, and most of us older employees had bought ones on our own. Mine is abig one, for a 17-19" screen, this looks like one of the smaller ones, so the 15.4 inchers or whatever. They thing I always liked about the Swiss ones was they don’t skimp on padding, even on the bottom.

Shame I don’t need one for work. I like this blue better than my black one.


Hence today’s main woot item


lifetime warrenty?


Video review: http://www.buy.com/prod/rival-computer-backpack-by-wenger-swissgear-r-maker-of-the-genuine/q/loc/16234/202719418.html
I MAY be in for one… :wink:


According to the product number listed, GA-7308-06F00, it fits screens “up to 15.4 inches”

Which means I’m out. I was really close to pulling the trigger on this but I have a 17" lappy.


I don’t have this specific model but I do have a SwissGear backpack and they are quite sturdy and reliable. I lug that thing everywhere with my notebook, sketchbook, a stash of drawing pencils, and loads of other things (mine has a nice feature where to put my MP3 player and snake out the headphones over my back so I don’t have them getting caught on things. It sits quite well on my back and if I have it really jam packed, I can use the chest strap to keep it more secure.


Dam, I have a 17" too. I would have gotten this. Thanks for the info.


I don’t have a laptop but need a new backpack, should I still get it?

little too colorful, but it looks well made and very comfy…


15.4 inch widescreen, according to buy.com


Great video review at buy.com
Gots lots of convenient pockets.


looks good… in for 1.