Wenzel 10' x 10' Smart Shade Screenhouse

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Wenzel 10’ x 10’ Smart Shade Screenhouse
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I have owned two of these, both were bought from Amazon and had to be returned. Had used for my first son’s birthday party where we had some light rain and about 5 mph winds with gusts up to 14 mph and after only a few gusts the scissor type supports that expand for the canopy snapped. The company wanted me to ship them the entire canopy at my expense for a “chance” that they might replace it. I would also have to pay the return shipping which was about $40 each way.

Amazon was nice enough to exchange it which is when I got the second one. That one wouldn’t even stay opened in a locked position and the canopy top was torn as well. Didn’t even bother with the company, just sent it back to Amazon for a full refund.

My advice, stay far away from this unless you plan on using it when there is no wind at all. Otherwise it will fold like a cheap suit.

We paid much less for a higher quality one at Menard’s, and have been happy with it in all weather so far. My experience with Wenzel, based on their tents, is NOPE. Don’t bother.

I agree, while we didn’t own this model, we had one made the same way of thin aluminum that doesn’t do well with any wind. Down here in south Texas that is something we have a lot of. We made it finish the season as best we could with duct tape and pipe… then tossed it last year. Owned for a few months I guess.

So, if you’re going to use it for a short time and take it down, it might be ok. But anything more than a few hours or with heavy winds forecasted, don’t take a chance.

Picture 1 shows a floor. Does this model have a floor?

Just a heads up. Costco has an 11x13 screen house w/magnetic closer for $85.99.
Plus iffin you don’t like it,you can return w/o a prob.

The Wenzel product page says no floor. After looking at pictures, they probably had that sample on a white floor and cropped out the rest of the photo.

I also bought one exactly what is offered from Amazon and had bought it for a vacation to the woods. That night, after I had it up, a small wind came up and bent the rods and it came down. I sent it back for a refund but it actually ruined the trip.

Bought another from Costco and the quality was better and have used it about 20 times and it still works perfect.

Look its a canopy and a soccer goal!

Silly Woot, hows this supposed to be my first home if you need a physical address?

Keep an eye on tools.woot, we’ve had address numbers for sale on occasion. You can just pick your own!