Wenzel Sierra Pass 2-Room Tent

$130 at Amazon.com, $115 at Menard’s and $104 at BobWards.com. Looks like a decent deal here!

Technical Specs

Installation Instructions

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Woot is kind of a “show me” community, I can say I found this at amazon for 99 cents, and if I don’t have a link nobody will believe me no matter how true it is.

It’s a good tent for the money; you can see the previous discussion here (did I do the tag right?). I’ve had mine up in the backyard for a few weeks because I’m lazy; still no heavy rains, but it’s holding up well. It leaked a bit the first time we had a shower, but I added Kiwi Camp-Dri to the areas outside the rain fly and it’s been good since.

Yep, CowboyDann is right. You gotta prove it. As my parents (from Missouri) would say, “Show me.”

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I think you’re supposed to seal the seams or something like that. I’ve heard people mention that when we’ve had tents for sale. Someone with more knowledge on tents will hopefully pipe in with more info.

Not a bad price at all. The lowest I have seen this tent is $99 +S&H but most sites have it for around the $114 - $120 mark. Although the price is great this is not exactly a tent I have a use for.

Some of the specs that some may find useful are as follows.
-Sleeps about 7 adults
-Base: 18 feet by 10 feet
-Area: 170 square feet
-Center height: 76 inches
-2 large Dutch “D” style door
-Large mesh roof vents and side walls
-Patented hoop flies
-Shockcorded, fiberglass frame with pin and ring attachments
-Includes a divider curtain

Even though these are specs please keep in mind that they are from the manufacture and in the tent world that means “take with a grain of salt”.

More often then not I find people buying the wrong size tent for there needs because of loos specs like (fits 7 people). In the tent world manufactures often say tents will fit more people then they actually can after you factor in the space needed to accommodate each person and there gear. In this case I would say, given the size and square footage of the tent, that this will fit about 4 people comfortably.

Given that this is a base camp style tent I would think that this would be a bit lighter. 21LB is a lot of wight keeping in mind it depends on how you plan on bringing your tent in. If you are hiking in the back country then forget it. This tent is more for a camping weekend where you can drive into the campground. Just something to consider.

Also I noticed that this does not come with a footprint. Trust me you need one. Although the tents floor is made from “reinforced Polyethylene” that will help from punctures from rocks and ruff terrain that does not stop moisture and issues with loss of heat do to conduction. I would recommend going out and getting a large tarp and cutting it to fit the tents base. That will save you money time and effort (much better then spending more money on a factory footprint).

A few more things one might consider if buying this tent is you may want to invest in better stakes. From my experience I found that most stakes that come with the tent are kinda crappy. Not that its a lot of money to upgrade your tent stakes but better you think of it now before you get out and use your tent to find that the cheap ones that came with your tent bent when they got hammered into the ground. Also you may want to think about replacing the poles that come standard in these tents. Not that there bad but I personally find that aluminum is lighter and last longer.

Just one more thing that I find really nice about this tent is the flow through ventilation mesh on the roof of this particular model. You will find that it defiantly helps prevent moisture build up inside the tent and under the rain fly.

Hope some of this info helped somebody out there in woot land. lol

On good tents this would be normally done at the factory but its not that big of a deal. I use kiwi on all my tents so that’s perfect. One thing I find you should do when a tent comes out of the box and it’s leaking (even a little bit) is buy some seam tape. You can find it anywhere like REI or Gandermountin. Run your seam tape over ALL of the stitching in the tent. And never forget to bring some extra with you when you camp or hike.

I see what you did there, Woot… wait until the day after everyone gets their sleeping bags, and then throw a tent up on your site.

Clever girl.

I have seen 6 Man and even 12 man tents for less than that, no spanks! not that desprate to sleep that close to a man.

Purchased this the last go around. Taken it camping 3x now and saw rain twice with no problems. On the big group camping trip all my friends referred to it as my “exec suite”. One of my favorite buys period

For those wondering, this is a first-rate brand. Wenzel makes tents for many companies, including my old Eddie Bauer (an excellent tent I’ve used hard for the last 10 years). Parts are still available, too.

Yes, you would want to seal the seams (it is even recommended to do this on VERY Expensive tents). A tube of seam seal will do the trick. The only worry I have with this tent is the minuscule rain fly. It doesn’t really cover the entry way at all. Any wind driven rain is surely going to wreak havoc with the zipper areas. For a backyard camping tent or for fair weather campers like myself I am sure it would be fine.

Yeah, on lower end budget tents, seam sealing is a must. One should also spray the nylon rainfly and tent with CampDri or some other silicon fabric spray. Upgraded stakes and a tarp or some other ground cloth/footprint are also necessary.

Thanks for the QP tips!


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Don’t forget to check those Plus deals on your way out.

Almost a year ago I bought a very similar tent from a Woot-Off: http://www.woot.com/offers/mountain-trails-grand-pass-2-room-6-7-person-family-dome-tent

I would almost say it is the exact same tent. At any rate, I found this laundry backpack at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 and it fits PERFECTLY! Makes carrying the tent to a campsite very easy.


Wow. I wish I would have logged in sooner. I needed one of these!

I bought a two room tent, but a neighbor borrowed it before I ever got to use it – still brand new in box. When they returned it in it’s carrying bag I just set it in the garage to use later. But, when I went to air it out, it was a small, cheap looking old dome tent, not my brand new two-room tent. When I questioned them, they acted like I was crazy.

At any rate… I sure could have used this one.