Wenzel Tent and Sleeping Bag Combo

i agree, i think they get a kick out of watching us loose sleep XD


Congratulations Woot on getting us to look at all the pages under the Sport! section looking for WootSquatch.

Your click count must be through the roof at just an hour into the ‘event’. I’ve looked everywhere to see nothing out of the ordinary.

Darn you wootsquatch!

So these aren’t the squatches we’re looking for?


no. but the mont tremblant skier tricks me every time.

this is starting to get painful >_> i kinda want someone to find him just so i can know where the little scamp was.
I think I’ve at least looked on that scopes page like 40 times…

Is Wootsquatch in the left hand corner of tent? http://sport.woot.com/offers/ledge-sports-tarantula-2-person-tent?ref=cnt_wp_13_10

I think these kids know where squatch is:

if nothing else, can start using all those squatch jokes:


Apparently autocorrect doesn’t like wootsquatch. I’ve swapped over to a computer now, hoping that would help. But still haven’t found him. Just like real life.

The last SportWoot bag of crap I got was pretty cool so this seems worth spending a few minutes searching.

I think he is at woot headquarters in Seattle considering he typed the descriptions. Can you link a live webcam RogetRay? Thinks that’s our best chance

That would give everything away. Rumor has it that RogetRay is in fact the Woot Squatch.

I think I’m done… i got class tomorrow and am already a little sick :stuck_out_tongue: good luck my fellow wooters

Mmmm, getting tired. Where is the little monster?

It’s the “Badge” on the tent if you look at manufacturer’s site each model has its own design similar to that.

Tried some bit.ly tags. The first was based off the product description given by wootsquatch. The result was scary/creepy.


Wow… thanks for that! 8-|

Holy Monty Python, Batman! No sleep for me now!