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Wenzel Tents - Your Choice
Price: $49.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Great reviews (4.4. out of 5.0) on the three person tent over at walmart.com

While I wouldn’t go hike-in camping with any of these, they are pretty good for car camping, and a lot cheaper to boot.

Learn all about Wenzel tents over at the Product Site
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All Wenzel tents feature a 10 year Warranty and feature the new revolutionary fabric UV Armor™.

If you do get one of these…watch this video on seam sealing and practice it.


Can the shower tent be used by people that sleep standing up? :wink:

Actually only Dracula.

Nice looking tents. Did anyone see the article today on the Ikea tents that are finally being allowed to be donated to refugees?

Solar lights, insulated walls, made to last 3 years and nicer than some apartments I’ve rented! But I doubt if they are anything like $49.95!!!

I think the ultimate goal is to produce enough that they run less than 1k for one, but they are more “temporary housing” than tent. They do come flat packed. I didn’t see an article today, who is covering it? I only know because I work for the Big Blue Box and this is one of our campaigns that makes me happy that I do. Their work with UNICEF is also a big plus.

I had a 4 or 5 man Wentzel tent for a couple of years. The tent was very good quality and construction. Went up fast and was very durable. I may have still had it, if it had not been stolen. Was my favorite tent too!

Anyone know why tent manufacturers/retailers have gone away from listing seasons on their tent specifications? I hardly ever see that anymore.

As for seasons, all of these are for warm weather only. Wouldn’t really want to be in one of these in less than about 40 or so at night.

These are perfectly fine if your only using 2-3 times a year in decent weather. If you follow the video above about sealing your seems it will deal with moderate rainfall. Could use a bigger door awning for any real rain.

Brand name doesn’t matter at all at these price points, very likely anything under $200 is by same importer with just different names.

Between GS, BS, CS etc for multiple kids, I have like 5 of these in my garage in various sizes and age. All are still usable even with a half a dozen trips for each.

So if you plan to camp somewhere warm enough and this meets your other needs, go for it. Longer stays or different weather, spend money on something more substantial.

When it comes to “seasons” on a tent, there are only 2 real stand out differences on a 3 vs. 4 season tent.

  1. Snow. Will the tent collapse if it snows? (most 4 season tents use aluminum poles to add strength, many use different shapes and stronger, heavier wall materials as well.)
  2. Venting. Can you seal off vents when the super cold wind blows?

I’m not sure why the above commenter would say not to use these tents under 40*, but as long as you don’t have snowfall and/or heavy winds you should be good to go. In the middle of August, it is routinely below 40* where I backpack above 10,000.

[EDIT: I think the above commenter was referring to the fact that if you want to go big on your adventures, spend a little more and do it right. I don’t want to put words in their mouth of course.]

Personally, my backpacking tent is the Kelty Salida 2. It has aluminum dac-pressed poles, but not the sealed up venting options (options cost weight after all). It is listed as a 3.5 season tent. As in, it will survive, but you may be a bit chilly.

Can anyone explain why the list price for the Bell Weather tent is so much lower than the others?

Its a very basic design. Also specs read as a pretty small size for a 3 man. Probably work best for a couple of boys but too tight for 3 adults and gear.

Price probably reflects that you can get the exact same tent specs in any Walmart for pretty much the same price. The rest here are bigger or somewhat more unique.

Is the top frame of the shower tent actually strong enough to hold the 40 pound bladder? I don’t want it to collapse on me the first time I get wet.

Why would you leave out weight, one of the most important stats of any tent?

I assume because these are of such poor quality you wouldn’t take them backpacking. However, I took a $95 mountainsmith tent with me this weekend backpacking in 6 in of snow and sub 20 degree weather and it held up great even covered in snow! It was a 2 person so a little heavy for just me but worked out great."

Also on the seasonal issue, Most 3 season tents work just fine in winter (within reason), although I would suggest one that is free standing if possible.

I was thinking the same thing I wondered what the trail weight is on the Wanderer. Than again I prefer a backpack tent with a Vestibule so I can put my wet/dry gear there when it rains.

As for temp, When it gets real cold I just add base layers to my sleeping cloths! :slight_smile:

One of the few times that we did car camping we used the Shower tent for a bathroom for the ladies. Worked out great.

Of course I rather go dig a hole and try to plop it in there!! I like being out in nature. :slight_smile:

It’s a shower tent.
I was wondering why a person would buy a porta-potty tent.